Collective Agreements


Labor Minister Signs Extension Orders to Increase Convalescence Allowance in the Private Sector and Compensate Workers Affected by 2022 Military Operation.

Approximately three million workers to benefit from hundreds of Shekels in increased convalescence allowance.


Conference for workers’ committees in local authorities reinforces striking achievements in recent collective agreements.

"The kindergarten teachers' support agreement is the heart of my work and the culmination of my work for 35 years that I have been working ...Read more


New Collective Agreement for Osem- Nestle Factories, Sets Minimum Wage Above the National Level.

"This agreement provides a minimum wage that is significantly higher than required by law" - Arnon Bar-David


A New Dawn for Israel’s Early Educators: Over 55,000 Workers to Benefit from Historic Collective Agreement!

After lengthy negotiations, a reform in the salaries of kindergarten teachers' aids in the local authorities was signed today.


A New Collective agreement for testers of Milgam

About 100 employees of Milgam who perform practical driving tests in Petah Tikvah and northern districts of Israel will enjoy increases to their salaries and ...Read more


New Collective Agreement Signed for Bank Hapoalim Employees, Ensuring Job Security and Wage Increases

Mew agreement ensures improved employment conditions and heralds a 'rebirth' of labor relations.


Workers of Economic Company for Development of Netivot Join the Histadrut

Seeking improved employment conditions and job security, 450 employees have completed the unionization process, marking a significant move for the municipality's economic arm.


Victory for the Histadrut at the Labor Court

The Histadrut will continue economy-wide negotiations with The Presidium of the Israeli Business Organizations.


Bank Hapoalim Employees Reach New Collective Agreement

"The close cooperation between the Histadrut and the workers' committee all along the way, emphasized again that the Histadrut is indeed the home of the ...Read more


New Sweet Benefits for Strauss Ice Cream Factory Employees

New Collective Agreement Signed for Strauss Ice Cream Acre Factory Employees


New Agreements to Raise the Wages of Arkia Airlines Employees by 10% or more

Three new collective agreements were signed for Arkia employees.


Increase in wages of up to 7% for Hotel Workers

The Histadrut and the Hotel Association in Israel have signed a new collective agreement that will provide a significant boost to the wages and benefits ...Read more


Jerusalem Biblical Zoo Workers Sign New Collective Agreement

New agreement includes wage increases, benefits, and upgrades of conditions for the employees, and will be valid for three years.


SES Israeli Workers to Benefit from New Collective Agreement

Histadrut Inks Deal with SES to Improve Employee Working Conditions


Arkia Click workers take off with a new collective agreement

The Histadrut, the management of Arkia Click LTD, and the company’s workers’ committee signed a new collective bargaining agreement today (Thursday) at the company’s offices. ...Read more


Histadrut, Brinks Israel Management Reach Landmark Agreement for 600 Employees

Security, Cleaning, and Nursing Care Workers Union Secures Significant Victories in Collective Agreement


Port workers join the Histadrut

The Histadrut, the HCT (Hadarom Container Terminal) Ashdod South Port management, and the workers’ representatives signed today (Sunday) the first collective bargaining agreement that will ...Read more


Wages and job security for Israel Railways workers

Four years of negotiations for Israel Railways workers


400 workers from Lime and Stone Ltd. receive salary increase and a profit bonus

Collective bargain agreement for workers welfare and profitability of the company


9000 NIS grant for government employees

IUGE in new collective agreement for 160 government employees


5000 education sector workers to receive an employment grant

Grants for secretaries, administrators, and accountants in schools


Groundbreaking collective agreement for cellular workers

The Histadrut, the management of Pelephone and Bezeq International, and the workers’ representatives signed a special collective agreement today (Tuesday). The agreement will apply to ...Read more


Lufthansa workers sign a new collective agreement

Salary increses for Lufthansa workers


Workers receive payment for Gaza conflict

Collective agrrement signed for the benefit of workers affected by conflict


Israel Postal Company is on the way to recovery with a recovery plan and collective agreement

The Ministry of Finance, the management of the Israel Postal Company, the Histadrut, and the workers’ representatives, signed today the recovery agreement of the Israel ...Read more


Collective bargaining agreement at Osem

Minimum wage to increase to NIS 6400


Collective Bargaining Agreement Signed at Ernst & Young Israel

The Agreement, which will apply to approximately 1,600 Ernst & Young employees – the largest consulting and accounting firm in Israel – includes a variety ...Read more


Bar-David: Special reform for teachers aides in 2023

Far-reaching reform regarding the salary and working conditions of the aides, which will lead to a fundamental change in the perception of the profession


Confronting violence: Inspectors from Metropoline Ltd. will carry body cameras throughout their bus trips

The Histadrut and Metropoline Ltd have signed a special precedent-setting collective agreement intended to protect bus inspectors and drivers and create deterrence *** If a ...Read more


NIS 50 per hour: Agreement in Egged rise wages to the highest in the industry

After a successful night’s negotiation, Histadrut the Egged Workers’ Committee signed an agreement with the Egged management to increase the starting salary by about 15% ...Read more


Salary agreement for employees of the National Road Safety Authority

Better wages for workers


A special collective agreement for the employees of Kamada

Under the agreement, employees of the biopharmaceutical company will benefit from salary increases, perseverance grants, and increased participation of the company in vacations and the ...Read more


A special collective agreement for Coca-Cola sales staff

The agreement, valid for three years, will apply to about 500 employees. The agreement includes salary increases, increased fees, and a catering card. Eliezer Belo: ...Read more


Salary and grant supplements: a special collective agreement for Partner employees

Collective agreement makes employees an integral part of the company's growth and ensures profit sharing


A special collective agreement was signed for EL AL pilots

El Al collective agreement signed leading the way for Israeli aviation


Histadrut secures workers’ rights in Ashot Ashkelon

After strikes and production line shut down, workplace dispute settled.


A special collective agreement for Tara workers at the Netivot factory

380 employees to recieve annual salary increases and increases in the company's participation in the employees' vacation costs


The Histadrut and the Presidency of the Business Sector have agreed to increase the convalescence allowance for workers in the private sector.

According to the agreement, the convalescence allowance for employees will be updated to NIS 400 per day, compared with NIS 378 for the entire economy ...Read more


Thousands of teachers’ assistants in schools and kindergartens to receive NIS 1500 grants for new school year

Agreements between the Histadrut, the Ministry of Finance, the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel, and the three major cities also include pedagogical, educational, medical, ...Read more


Dan bus drivers starting salary will be the highest in the public transportation industry

The Histadrut, Dan Bus Company, and the company’s drivers’ workers committee signed a collective agreement early Tuesday morning to raise drivers’ wages to the highest ...Read more


New collective agreement in the construction industry signed

The agreement, signed by the Histadrut, the Builders’ Association of Builders, and the Association of Renovation Contractors, will be valid for five years and includes, ...Read more


Histadrut address to the 110th International Labour Conference

Decent wages for a decent day's work must be at the heart of individual economic progress.


Histadrut signs collective agreement for workers of the renewable energy power station at Ashalim

Second renewable energy power station unionized in the Hisradrut


A special collective agreement for Mavenir employees in Israel

Chairman of the High-Tech Workers' Union, Yaki Halutzi: "The agreement is further proof that high-tech also has tremendous value for collective labor relations in workplace ...Read more


Wage Supplements and Grants: A Collective Agreement for Menora Mivtachim Insurance Company Employees

The agreement, which applies to approximately 1,400 employees, will be valid until 2024.


After Years of Stagnation: New Collective Agreement Signed For Fire and Rescue Workers

The agreement centers on a salary model tailored to firefighters who will move to key operational positions at the Fire Authority's Headquarters and a grant ...Read more


QAS Collective Agreement: 450 Airport Workers to Recieve Double the Subsistence Expenses and Grants

Workers' wages to increase by 5%, and they will receive a seniority grant at the end of the year. The agreement will apply to about ...Read more

Inbal Hermoni

Social Workers Union Win Historic Wage Reform

Comprehensive reform improves and simplifies the wage structure of social workers and emphasizes their continuous development as professionals.


Chairman of the Radiographer Union: “We are the spinal cord of the medical system.”

Everyone knows that it is impossible to enter surgery or perform medical follow-up without radiographers.


Wage, Allouncances, and Welfare Supplements: A new collective agreement for hundreds of workers of UPS franchisees in Israel

The agreement will apply to approximately 600 workers and be valid until mid-2025. Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David: “The agreement improves workers’ wages and accompanying employment ...Read more


Special Collective Agreement for Magen David Adom Employees

After extensive negotiations, UCAPSE signed a special collective agreement for Magen David Adom employees. The agreement will apply to about 2,800 employees and includes, among ...Read more