Hotel, Chemistry and Agriculture Union


Key Cooperation to Safeguard Israel’s Agricultural Sector during the War Against Hamas

In a swift effort, over 1,000 people mobilized in less than a week - matched with volunteer opportunities in the agricultural sector.


In celebration of its 103 Years of Global Advocacy for Workers’ Rights, we take a look at the Histadrut’s Ongoing Partnership and Achievements with the IUF 

As the IUF celebrates its 103rd year, the Histadrut is looking forward for a continued and robust partnership.


Increase in wages of up to 7% for Hotel Workers

The Histadrut and the Hotel Association in Israel have signed a new collective agreement that will provide a significant boost to the wages and benefits ...Read more


Freddy Cohen Re-elected Chairman of Hotel, Chemistry and Agriculture Union

IUF affiliate union re-elects chairman Freddy Cohen


Ensuring fairness and rights: Palestinian workers’ paychecks go digital

Yitzhak Moyal, Chairman of the Construction and associated industries Union in a personal column about the welcome change that will apply to the construction, agriculture ...Read more


International support and cooperation result in successful training of Palestinian workers in Israeli hotels

The Histadrut-Hotel Workers Union, and Israel Hotel Association, under the auspices of the International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers ...Read more


First-ever Workers Rights and Information Seminar for Palestinian Workers in the Hotel Sector in Israel

The Histadrut Hotels Union, the Histadrut’s International Relations Division, and the Israel Hotels Association held a seminar on workers’ rights and information for Palestinian workers ...Read more