International Solidarity


A Call for Ideological Consistency

for those unions and democratic organizations around the world that are still unaware of the story I am about to tell


An address to the Histadrut’s International Counterparts on the War Against Hamas and the Way Forward

Avital Shapira, the Director of International Relations, address the situation in Israel, Hamas terror, and the Histadrut position on our way forward.


Workplace Democracy – Histadrut Delegation Visits Germany to Learn About Employee Participation in Decision-Making in the Workplace

A group of chairpersons of workers' committees, and Histadrut workers learned about the German model of co-determintation at the workplace.


“There Are No Good Jobs On A Dead Planet” – Histadrut representatives speak on the impact of climate change on labor relations and the future of work.

The Israeli workers' unions already understand that climate change should be addressed in policy. But there is not yet a consensus on how that should ...Read more


EURAG – European Federation of Older Persons, Holds Annual Conference in Israel

The organization's annual conference in Israel focused on the challenges and impacts of financial, economic, and cultural changes on the living conditions of senior ...Read more


Histadrut-DGB Youth Delegation: A Journey of Political Engagement and Social Change Unveiling Germany’s Society Through an Israeli Perspective 

Keren Wedel: Israelis can gain valuable insights from the spirit of activism in Germany. There is a sense of purpose through unionization.


In celebration of its 103 Years of Global Advocacy for Workers’ Rights, we take a look at the Histadrut’s Ongoing Partnership and Achievements with the IUF 

As the IUF celebrates its 103rd year, the Histadrut is looking forward for a continued and robust partnership.


Director of the International Relations Division addresses the International Labour Conference in Geneva

Lerner: "General Strike is not an act of rebellion. It is a powerful symbol of workers' determination to fight for their rights when all avenues ...Read more


Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar David Concludes Historic Visit to United States

Vice President Harris to Bar-David: Thank you for what you are doing for Israel.


Bridging Borders: Israeli social workers engage in unprecedented dialogue with Ugandan counterparts

Hermoni: Our job is to add justice to the world


May Day Histadrut posters re-enacted

Social justice, workers rights and equality for workers of the world.


Histadrut and DGB celebrate 60 years of solidarity between Israeli and German trade unions

German unions convene in Tel-Aviv, visit Israel: "Solidarity Forever"


International support and cooperation result in successful training of Palestinian workers in Israeli hotels

The Histadrut-Hotel Workers Union, and Israel Hotel Association, under the auspices of the International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers ...Read more


International Women’s Day celebrating achievements striving for gender equality

Histadrut has been instrumental in pushing for legislative and policy changes to address discrimination


Histadrut joins international trade union effort to support Turkey following devastating earthquake

Solidarity from Histadrut to Turkish unions


Histadrut and DGB Youth meet in Tel Aviv

A periodic meeting took place on Sunday (15 January) in Tel Aviv between the Histadrut International Division and the DGB youth leadership, the youth organization ...Read more


Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD calls out the organization for flawed report

OECD report on the Public Sector Pay System in Israel under scrutiny.


Avital Shapira addressed the 5th ITUC Congress

Histadrut calls on the ITUC affiliates to join efforts to expand the workers' knowledge, guarantee the workers' rights, and advance the path to peace through ...Read more


Solidarity with German workers

Histadrut youth delegation in Germany forges ties with German unions


Histadrut to join international trade union movement in Melbourne

Social contract: climate-friendly jobs, workers’ rights, just wages, social protection, equality and inclusion to be discussed at ITUC Congress


Histadrut and DGB remember the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics

A delegation of representatives of the Histadrut and DGB participated (Monday) in the official memorial marking 50 years since the massacre of eleven Israeli athletes ...Read more


Histadrut Joins International Solidarity Efforts: Condemns attacks against Belarusian trade union leaders

Histadrut condemns the attacks against Belarusian trade union leaders and calls for their immediate release, and all charges are dropped. Dozens of union leaders and ...Read more


First-ever Workers Rights and Information Seminar for Palestinian Workers in the Hotel Sector in Israel

The Histadrut Hotels Union, the Histadrut’s International Relations Division, and the Israel Hotels Association held a seminar on workers’ rights and information for Palestinian workers ...Read more