Palestinian Workers


A Call for Ideological Consistency

for those unions and democratic organizations around the world that are still unaware of the story I am about to tell


New Vocational Training for Palestinian Workers in the Construction Industry in Collaboration with BWI Global Union and Elektrikerna 

A significant effort towards fostering better work conditions and enhancing professional capacities of Palestinian workers.


In celebration of its 103 Years of Global Advocacy for Workers’ Rights, we take a look at the Histadrut’s Ongoing Partnership and Achievements with the IUF 

As the IUF celebrates its 103rd year, the Histadrut is looking forward for a continued and robust partnership.


Unfulfilled Safety Agreements Trigger Alarm in Construction Sector

Issac Moyal issues a pressing appeal to government officials to implement safety measures, citing rising accident rates and unfulfilled 2019 agreements.


Ensuring fairness and rights: Palestinian workers’ paychecks go digital

Yitzhak Moyal, Chairman of the Construction and associated industries Union in a personal column about the welcome change that will apply to the construction, agriculture ...Read more


Eid al-Fitr brings unity: Histadrut reaffirms support for Palestinian workers, seeks to expand vocational training initiatives

Reaffirming commitment to Muslim members, employment rights and collaborating with the PGFTU to expand vocational training opportunities across various sectors.


International support and cooperation result in successful training of Palestinian workers in Israeli hotels

The Histadrut-Hotel Workers Union, and Israel Hotel Association, under the auspices of the International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers ...Read more


Construction workers in Israel represented at BWI Congress

Moyal elected as a member of the World Council of BWI.


Histadrut Construction Workers Union: No room for personnel employment corporations for Palestinian workers in the building sector

In response to the Government of Israel’s call for proposals and positions, the Histadrut construction workers’ union announced that after a thorough review of the ...Read more


Palestinian workers benefit from a unique alternative dispute mechanism. The Grievance Committee

One of the successful mechanisms we have established in the Histadrut of Construction Workers Union is the Grievance Committee, in which arbitration proceedings are held ...Read more


Histadrut brings Israeli and Palestinian businesswomen together to build bridges and talk business.

Over the weekend, women from both sides of the border met at the Beit Berl Academic College and discussed the promotion of business collaborations between ...Read more


First-ever upskilling program for Palestinian Workers in Israeli Industry

Histadrut, Manufacturers Association of Israel, and Aminach are conducting a first-ever vocational training program for Palestinian workers at the Aminach furniture factory. The “Limited Electrician” ...Read more


First-ever Workers Rights and Information Seminar for Palestinian Workers in the Hotel Sector in Israel

The Histadrut Hotels Union, the Histadrut’s International Relations Division, and the Israel Hotels Association held a seminar on workers’ rights and information for Palestinian workers ...Read more