Transportation Workers Union


Announcement: Labor Dispute at Eilat Port

Organizational measures will remind the management that human capital is the engine for growth and the key to the port company’s success.


A New Collective agreement for testers of Milgam

About 100 employees of Milgam who perform practical driving tests in Petah Tikvah and northern districts of Israel will enjoy increases to their salaries and ...Read more


New Agreements to Raise the Wages of Arkia Airlines Employees by 10% or more

Three new collective agreements were signed for Arkia employees.


NTA Employees Elect Representatives to Board of Directors for the First Time

Tomer Reznik: "Employees' participation in the management of the company is the right thing for NTA, the right thing for the workers and the right ...Read more


Arkia Click workers take off with a new collective agreement

The Histadrut, the management of Arkia Click LTD, and the company’s workers’ committee signed a new collective bargaining agreement today (Thursday) at the company’s offices. ...Read more


Port workers join the Histadrut

The Histadrut, the HCT (Hadarom Container Terminal) Ashdod South Port management, and the workers’ representatives signed today (Sunday) the first collective bargaining agreement that will ...Read more


Wages and job security for Israel Railways workers

Four years of negotiations for Israel Railways workers


Eyal Yadin to lead Transport Union

The Secretariat of the Histadrut Transportation Workers’ Union has chosen attorney Eyal Yadin for the position of union chairman, following the recommendation of Histadrut Chairman ...Read more


Lufthansa workers sign a new collective agreement

Salary increses for Lufthansa workers


Edri to depart Histadrut Transport Union

Avi Edri, Chairman of the Transport Union to stepdown at the end of the Year


Confronting violence: Inspectors from Metropoline Ltd. will carry body cameras throughout their bus trips

The Histadrut and Metropoline Ltd have signed a special precedent-setting collective agreement intended to protect bus inspectors and drivers and create deterrence *** If a ...Read more


NIS 50 per hour: Agreement in Egged rise wages to the highest in the industry

After a successful night’s negotiation, Histadrut the Egged Workers’ Committee signed an agreement with the Egged management to increase the starting salary by about 15% ...Read more


A special collective agreement was signed for EL AL pilots

El Al collective agreement signed leading the way for Israeli aviation


Dan bus drivers starting salary will be the highest in the public transportation industry

The Histadrut, Dan Bus Company, and the company’s drivers’ workers committee signed a collective agreement early Tuesday morning to raise drivers’ wages to the highest ...Read more


Regional Labor Court: “Egged drivers have a basic right to work under minimum conditions of human dignity”

Judge Tamar Etzion Peltz called on the Ministry of Transportation to intervene in the issue of the lack of refreshment points and services at the ...Read more


QAS Collective Agreement: 450 Airport Workers to Recieve Double the Subsistence Expenses and Grants

Workers' wages to increase by 5%, and they will receive a seniority grant at the end of the year. The agreement will apply to about ...Read more


Egged protest over poor and abusive working conditions

Drivers have long been warning that they have no place to refresh or rest at the end stations, let alone vacate the toilets. After the ...Read more


Wage, Allouncances, and Welfare Supplements: A new collective agreement for hundreds of workers of UPS franchisees in Israel

The agreement will apply to approximately 600 workers and be valid until mid-2025. Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David: “The agreement improves workers’ wages and accompanying employment ...Read more


The Histadrut has declared a labour dispute with the driving tester companies

The Transportation Workers Union, of the Histadrut declared a labor dispute with the driving tester companies Taldor-One and Milagam. The dispute was declared today (24, ...Read more