Arnon Bar David to supermarket chains: Don’t increase the price of products

Oct 20, 2022

The chairman of the Histadrut, Arnon Bar-David, appealed this afternoon to the managers of the Israeli supermarket chains demanding they not approve requests from importers and suppliers in various fields to increase prices and reduce discounts on a variety of essential consumer products for the family and home.

According to Bar-David, “The Histadrut has been waging a persistent and determined struggle against the cost of living for some time to ease the lives of Israelis, who are struggling under an unprecedented wave of rising prices. The worsening of the already heavy burden currently placed on consumers’ shoulders could lead to thousands of families’ economic collapse. Unfortunately, the large and profitable importers are trying to use the election period as a window of opportunity for monopolistic conduct. The Histadrut will fight against this, and you have the power and the moral obligation to have a positive influence.”

The chairman of the Histadrut called on the bosses of the supermarket chains “to show social responsibility and not to approve the companies’ request to increase the price of the products. This will strengthen our fight for the entire Israeli society.”

Bar-David warned that if, after all, prices are increased beyond the latest economic trends and stem from the desire to maximize profits on the backs of the Israeli consumer, the Histadrut will renew the fight against the cost of living all over the country and with all the means at its disposal.

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