“Drafted for You” – Protecting Reservists’ Rights at the Workplace

Adi Marcus
Jan 30, 2024

Amidst rising numbers of reports on violations of reservists’ rights at their workplace, the Histadrut is promoting “Drafted for You,” a campaign that seeks to counter injustices and illegal actions against reservists and their families in the transition back to work.

The Histadrut’s decision to launch this initiative comes as a response to numerous incidents in which reservists have been unfairly treated or fired upon their return from reserve duty.

By law, reservists in Israel are protected from sanctions at their workplaces due to mandatory participation in reserve duty. However, in the past couple of weeks, there has been growing awareness of instances where reservists faced unfair treatment, including dismissals and sanctions upon their return to work. In response to these challenges, the Histadrut has decided to step up a campaign and advocate for the rights of reservists.

Whilst most of the support the campaign offers is support that the Histadrut is providing its members ongoingly, given the widespread need, the campaign “Drafted for You” will provide vital assistance to reservists, whether they are union members or not. Additional benefits devised to respond to the unique situation in which Israeli workers find themselves reflect the Histadrut’s commitment to providing holistic support to workers in Israel. The campaign is set to benefit hundreds of thousands of reservists recruited since October 7th, offering a range of services and benefits. From legal assistance against employers to representation of reservist students against academic institutions, job search aid, and even discounts on cultural events, the Histadrut aims to create a safety net for reservists facing challenges upon their return to civilian life.

Arnon Bar-David, Chairman of the Histadrut, emphasized the urgent need for support for those who courageously serve in the reserves. He stated, “This package of immediate assistance will provide important protections and unique benefits to reservists. Every reservist needs to know that while they are fighting for the country, there are those who are fighting for them and their loved ones waiting at home.”

Credit: Shutterstock

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