First-ever upskilling program for Palestinian Workers in Israeli Industry

May 02, 2022

Histadrut, Manufacturers Association of Israel, and Aminach are conducting a first-ever vocational training program for Palestinian workers at the Aminach furniture factory.
The “Limited Electrician” vocational training for Palestinian workers in the Aminach factory, recognized by the Government of Israel is being held by the Etgar College and the Union of Practical Engineers and Technicians of the Histadrut.
During the course, supported by DGB Germany and LO Sweeden, 11 Palestinians will be trained in basic electrical skills to improve and upskill workers’ proficiencies, increase productivity, highlight safety at the workplace, and learn basic Hebrew to improve communication skills.

Avital Shapira, Director of International Relations of the Histadrut: ” This project is the first of its kind, and we hope that we will be able to hold similar vocational training seminars in other places of employment for the benefit of the workers and the employers. We hold these trainings because we know knowledge is power, and also to implement the equality between Palestinian and Israeli workers.”

Orit Ramon, Head of Education, Training & Employment Division of the MAI: “We believe that workers should have knowledge, skills, and abilities. We welcome additional projects, additional trainings for existing and new Palestinian workers in the Israeli Industry.”

Pazit Herman-Granot, Human Resources Manager Aminach: “The training will allow employees to specialize in their workstations to get additional areas of responsibility. I hope this vocational training will be the first of many, for the benefit of the Palestinian workers and for the benefit of the peace in the region”.

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