Histadrut and Business leaders submit a proposal to Prime Minister Netanyahu and opposition leaders aimed at reconciling differences, setting the stage for action if no agreement is reached.

Jul 23, 2023

Arnon Bar-David, Chairman of Histadrut, and Dubi Amitai, President of the Presidium of the Business Sector, concluded a emergency meeting at the Histadrut headquarters. The talks, which ran for many hours, were centered around unifying all involved parties in the face of the country’s unrest.

Throughout these deliberations, Histadrut leadership committed to fostering dialogue with all stakeholders, working towards a consensus that will unite everyone in the best interest of the nation. “We have only one homeland, and we are deeply aware of the importance of this moment,” the leaders stated. “Everyone, on both sides of the poltical rift, must understand the gravity of the historical and pivotal moment we are in for our nation’s future.”

A proposal has been submitted to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and it’s details are known to the opposition leaders. Histadrut remains optimistic that differences between parties can be reconciled. If, however, an agreement isn’t reached based on this proposal, the leaders will reconvene at 4:00 PM on Sunday, July 23, to discuss and decide on further action.

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