Histadrut Chairman Urges Netanyahu to Halt Legislation Amidst National Unrest

Sep 15, 2023

Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar David has given his first interview since the incident with Defense Minister Yoav Galant on March 26. In this interview in Israel’s Yedioth Achronot this morning, he implores Prime Minister Netanyahu to halt all legislative actions related to the legal sector. Bar David emphasizes the urgency, comparing it to Netanyahu’s announcements during the Corona period. He urges, “Just as you advised the nation during Corona, tell them now: ‘There’s a rift. I’m halting this. No more one-sided legislation.'”

He expresses concern about two potential actions by the Prime Minister: Firstly, introducing legislation to modify the judges’ selection committee, a move Bar David labels as “crazy”, and secondly, disregarding a High Court decision. For Bar David, neglecting the High Court’s judgment is equivalent to breaking foundational rules. He states vehemently, “There are lines I won’t watch being crossed. I won’t let the nation disintegrate or the Zionist enterprise be compromised. If decisions are made against these principles, I will intervene.”

Bar David criticizes the government, noting the declining state of society in Israel, highlighted by escalating street violence and crime. He believes these pressing issues were central during the elections but remain unaddressed because the government is preoccupied with judicial upheaval. He remarks, “To many, including several from Likud, legal matters aren’t paramount. The country is being affected negatively while we focus on less significant issues that also divide the nation.”

Discussing the economic landscape, Bar David shares that investors are wary of Israel, leading to capital flight. Conversations with business figures reveal their challenges in securing funds, particularly from American sources. He expresses his confusion about Netanyahu’s direction for Israel, saying, “While I respect the Prime Minister and maintain contact with him, I’m unclear about his vision for our nation.” He draws a parallel with his leadership of Histadrut, pointing out that he knows his direction for the organization, unlike Netanyahu for the country. Bar David concludes, “History will evaluate our deeds – mine at Histadrut and Netanyahu’s for Israel.”

(Translated and adapted for clarity from Yedioth Achronot)

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