Histadrut signs collective agreement for workers of the renewable energy power station at Ashalim

Jun 01, 2022

Dozens of General Electric Energy Israel Ltd. workers, who operate the solar tower in Ashalim, will benefit from a collective agreement.
The chairman of the Histadrut in the Central Negev region, Armond Lankri: “We have created a path to a fruitful and good relationship between the parties and the regulation of the terms of employment in the company in a preliminary collective agreement. “

The collective agreement will be implemented this month and includes, among other things, mechanisms for workplace security, convalescence pay above the stipulated law requirements, a maximal training fund from day one of employment, welfare and vacation budgets, health insurance, salary promotions updated, and in partnership with a uniform mechanism. The agreement will apply from 1.1.21 until 31.12.23.

The Chairman of the Histadrut in the Central Negev Region, Armond Lankri, said: “The renewable energy economy has gained momentum. We are proud that the two largest stations in Israel are organized under the District, and both have preliminary collective agreements. The agreement is based on partnership and reciprocity, reflecting wage promotions, welfare, employment stability, and dialogue and dispute resolution tools. “

Haim Cohen, Chairman of the Workers’ Committee: “We are happy to be part of the Histadrut and believe that the partnership of destiny between the workers and society, together with the Histadrut, will grow in much better and more fruitful directions. We will continue to work with management to benefit the company and all employees.”

General Electric Energy Israel Ltd. specializes in the field of electricity and operates and provides services to the Israeli electricity sector. At the Ashalim power plant, electricity is generated using solar energy, employing tens of thousands of mirrors in a unique way.

(cover photo from Albatros Arial Photography, Negev Energy)

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