New Agreements to Raise the Wages of Arkia Airlines Employees by 10% or more

Adi Marcus
Jul 05, 2023

Three new collective agreements were signed for Arkia employees. The Histadrut, the Arkia management, and the board of directors have signed agreements that bring improvement to the wages of hundreds of company employees from three sectors: aircraft maintenance sector, flight attendants, and ground sector. The agreement will raise wages by at least 10% in each of the three sectors.

Given the current turmoil in the aviation sector, signing three agreements at once is considered an unprecedented achievement. The Chairman of the Transport Workers’ Union, Attorney Eyal Yadin said: “Another unprecedented achievement in which three collective agreements were reached with one company, for three different sectors. Today more than ever, these achievements are important to deal with the economic crisis that the airlines have fallen into. And all this in fruitful cooperation with the Arkia management.”

In concluding the “long and complex negotiations,” leaders of Arkia’s management said that they are satisfied with achieving an agreement that benefits the employees. They noted that the new agreement is seen as an important additional step to the company’s aspiration to grow and expand.

Director of the Aviation Division of the Histadrut Transport Workers’ Union, Attorney Karen Klaper: “I am happy that at the end of lengthy negotiations, we were able to sign a series of agreements that improve the salary conditions of the workers. I have every hope that the positive trend that characterizes the industry in general and particularly, the Arkia company, will continue and that they will continue to receive the recognition and appreciation for their work and their contribution to the company.”

Chairman of the National Committee and the Chairman of the Land Committee in Arkia, Nitzan Ben Ari, Chairman of the aircraft maintenance committee in Arkia, Tzvika Shoshan, and the Chairman of the flight attendants committee, Guy Rupp welcomed the improvements to employees’ salaries. They highlighted the workers’ commitment to lifting the company from the difficult place it was in, due to the corona virus crisis. Ben Ari further said: “hopefully the company will continue to prosper, flourish and ‘scatter’ the sky.”

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