Regional Labor Court: “Egged drivers have a basic right to work under minimum conditions of human dignity”

May 30, 2022

Judge Tamar Etzion Peltz called on the Ministry of Transportation to intervene in the issue of the lack of refreshment points and services at the end stations where drivers arrive at the end of the trip. The parties decided to meet and discuss the matter of the end stations.

The Histadrut recently declared a labor dispute in Egged, and the workers began protest actions, especially in light of the lack of refreshment points and services at the end stations where the drivers arrive at the end of the trip. In most of these places, where they have to wait for departure for the next trip, they have no option to rest and gather strength after hours on the road or even evacuate to the bathroom. In a discussion held today, the parties reached agreements. Until tomorrow, the Histadrut will submit the list of end stations that need to be resolved in preparation for the first meeting between the parties, which will occur this coming Wednesday. Additional meetings between the parties were also coordinated. At this stage, the meetings will discuss the issue of end stations only.
The parties agreed to submit by 12.6 a detailed notice of the results of the contacts between them, including the endpoints for which a temporary or permanent solution has been found. In the meantime, the Histadrut will not conduct further measures until 13.6, and a 48-hour notice will be given before such organizational steps occur.

Chairman of the Histadrut’s Transportation Workers’ Union, Avi Edri: “The tribunal found that our claims were solid and gave impetus to our struggle for the honor of the driver and the leadership. We will not rest until we bring the desired results in drivers’ wages and conditions of employment in public transportation. “

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