The Histadrut to Represent 600 Footballers in an Urgent Hearing

Adi Marcus
Aug 09, 2023

The Tel Aviv District Court will hold an urgent hearing on Thursday to decide whether the Israeli Football Association’s decision to limit players’ salaries in the A and B leagues is legal. The hearing will discuss the petition against the decision that was filed by the Histadrut, which represents the players. It argues that the decision of the Israeli Football Association violates the players’ freedom of occupation and discriminates against them.

The association has recently set a salary cap of one million shekels per team from the A and B leagues. As the major organizer of football games in Israel, The Israeli Football Association organizes the games in all the different leagues and the state cup. If accepted by the court, the association’s decision may have a significantly negative impact on the salaries of 600 footballers.

The legal adviser to the Histadrut, attorney Yehiel (Hili) Shamir, stated: “This decision has no comparable equivalent in Israeli sports. Instead of the association setting a minimum wage that would be good for the players, a salary limit was set that places their salary at the minimum level. Before making this offensive decision, there was room to consult and negotiate with the Histadrut, which is the representative organization of the football players.”

The court will hear arguments from both sides on Thursday and is expected to rule soon. The decision could have a significant impact on the future of football in Israel.

credit: Canva

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