5 Reasons Why Joining the Histadrut in Israel is Essential for Workers: Job Security, Collective Bargaining, Social Benefits, Education and Training, and Advocacy

Mar 10, 2023

Since being established in 1920, the Histadrut has grown to become one of the most prominent and influential social organizations in Israel. Here are the five reasons why people in Israel join the Histadrut.

  1. Job security
    One of the primary reasons why people join the Histadrut is for job security. The organization negotiates with employers on behalf of its members to ensure fair working conditions, wages, and benefits. This provides workers with a sense of security and stability in their jobs.
  2. Collective bargaining
    The Histadrut engages in collective bargaining on behalf of its members, negotiating with employers to secure better working conditions and higher wages. This ensures that workers are not alone in their negotiations with their employers and that they have a strong voice in the workplace.
  3. Social benefits
    The Histadrut offers its members a range of social benefits, including the country’s largest consumer club, online health club, cultural and leisure activities, and childcare subsidies. These benefits help to improve the overall life-work balance of workers and their families.
  4. Education and training
    The Histadrut provides subsidized education and training programs to its members, including advanced education, vocational training, and language classes. This helps workers to develop new skills and advance in their careers.
  5. Advocacy
    The Histadrut advocates for the rights of workers in Israel, lobbying the government on issues such as minimum wage laws, worker safety, and anti-discrimination policies. This ensures that workers’ needs and concerns are considered when making decisions that affect their lives.

In conclusion, the Histadrut provides its members with a range of benefits, including job security, collective bargaining, social benefits, education and training, and advocacy. These reasons help to explain why people in Israel join the Histadrut and why it remains a prominent and influential organization in the country.