Dec 08, 2022

Living here is expensive, and we can’t continue like this anymore.

More and more families, even families where both spouses work, can no longer meet their monthly needs. We are not dealing with luxuries but with money for food, essential products, household bills, and children’s education.

Inflation is high, prices are rampant, wages are eroding, and the cycle of poverty continues to engulf new layers of the population. We are talking about working people who once managed to make a decent living, and today their hands are shaking at the supermarket. Enough! It’s time to change that!

The cost of living must be lowered;

The minimum wage must be raised immediately;

We must make it easier for working parents financially;

We must take care of pensioners and increase the old age pension;

Electricity, water, and property tax rates must be frozen;

And above all, we must all wake up the State of Israel.

The key to solving the current situation lies with elected officials, but make no mistake – this struggle is not political! The cost of living is not a matter of right or left; it’s a social struggle that belongs to everyone and will affect everyone, regardless of which note you put in the ballot box.

After five election campaigns that cost us all dearly, a new government was elected to provide solutions. The reality in which this government is starting to work is an economic emergency for many of the country’s citizens.

The Histadrut, under the leadership of chairman Arnon Bar-David, has acted responsibly and with great restraint until now. We were the first to get under the stretcher during the Corona crisis, we rallied to save the economy and jobs, and we helped the State of Israel stabilize and get out of the deficit. Now it’s the State’s turn to take care of the citizens!

We call on all decision-makers to demonstrate responsibility in a way that suits the magnitude of the hour, to be partners in change, and to work together with us to rescue the citizens of Israel from the high cost of living.

We will not compromise on the right of workers and pensioners in the State of Israel to live with dignity.

Together we embark on this struggle, and together we will win it!