New national campaign to increase awareness of violence against workers

May 29, 2022

The Histadrut lanches a new national campaign designed to increase awareness of the phenomenon of violence against workers and public servants.
The information campaign that the Histadrut has been working on in recent months comes against the increase in the number of reports of workers in all sectors being attacked as part of their duties. As evidence of the scale of the phenomenon, since the filming of the campaign, new incidents of violence against medical staff have been documented, which have led to a nationwide protest strike in the health system. The video campaign opens with scenes showing different people preparing for their workday, and as part of the process of wearing the uniform, they wear protective vests. At first, it is not clear who the workers are and what their occupation is, but as the plot of the video progresses, viewers discover to their surprise, that the workers are not security personnel but a bus driver, medical secretary, social worker, nurses, parking inspectors, and social security workers. The workers with the uniforms that characterize their work, wearing protective vests with the caption “Bombardment readiness is routine here.” Real workers in various professions exposed to violence in the workplace participated in the campaign.

The chairman of the Histadrut’s Information, Spokesperson, and Advertising Division, Yaniv Levy, who is leading the advertising move, added: “In recent years, the Histadrut has invested resources in eradicating gender-based violence and continues to lead the fight against bullying against public servants. Whenever we come for a service, whether at Social Security, on the bus, or at the medical clinic, it is important to remember that people are on the side of the table and not punching bags. So, just before a curse is released from your mouth or, God forbid, an intention to physically humiliate or harm another person, remember that you face people who want to make a decent living. The violence of all kinds leaves a heavy residue on the workers and affects their mental and physical health in the long run.”