People With Disabilities

Following the collective agreement led by the Histadrut to promote the employment of people with disabilities, in 2014 Histadrut appointed a Commissioner for the Employment of People with Disabilities. Changing attitudes among the company and employers.

Histadrut HQ illuminated in purple recognizing people with disabilities

This was a new position in the Histadrut, which aims to increase the integration of people with disabilities in the world of work and to help change attitudes among society and employers.

Under the leadership of Guy Simchi, Histadrut together with social partners has conducted employment fairs for people with disabilities, conducted a program for employment in Eilat that is expected to be duplicated in other cities throughout the country, trained Histadrut representatives about the unique employment needs of people with disabilities, managed public awareness campaigns.

“The labor market is a mirror image of our society, and the concern for diversity in employment is key to the development and growth that will reach all population groups. Diversity is not only a matter of what is politically correct and what is not – but an important value that can strengthen Israeli society, cleanse it of institutionalized racism, and shatter prejudices that have no place. As people who have the right to lead and influence, it is the responsibility of all of us to promote a public space where everyone will feel safe and receive an expression that respects their uniqueness.”

Arnon Bar-David, Chairman of the Histadrut 6 Februry 2022

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