Histadrut Policy Statement – Hamas War on Israel

May 10, 2021

Since Monday (10.5.2021), Hamas, a terror organization that explicitly states in its charter the obliteration of the State of Israel and reigns oppressively over the Gaza Strip, declared war on Israel. Since then, over 3,000 rockets and missiles have indiscriminately pummeled the Israeli civilian population.

Despite the extensive efforts to protect all lives, Hamas succeeded in killing ten people in its attacks. Ten people, ten tragedies, ten stories of people that have been murdered. The victims are the fabric that makes the weave of Israeli society, Israeli Arabs, the elderly, children, an Indian caregiver, and others.

Since the dawn of history, it is civilians that have paid the heavy price of conflict. At this hour, Hamas continues to intentionally target Israeli people, kibbutzim, moshavim, towns, and cities. Every country has the right to defend its citizens. Accordingly, the Israeli military embarked on a mission to defend the people of Israel by intercepting thousands of missiles that are targeting its innocent civilians and preventing their deaths, disrupting, degrading, and destroying the terrorist capabilities deeply embedded in the densely populated areas of the Gaza Strip. The military maintains that it is conducting its operations while minimizing human casualties.

The images on both sides of the border are tragic. Families have, in one moment, lost the most precious thing. The movement must do everything to make this the last time that it happens. Terrorism cannot be excused, ignored, or disregarded.

The human tragedy unraveling before us reinforces the urgent need for an end to the current hostilities, resumption of a peace process, and a negotiated peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority. We can avert future crises, conflicts, and wars with mutual respect, understanding, justice, solidarity, and security and finally realize the two-state solution.

The Histadrut is horrified by the developing voices of anti-Semitism that have become prominent on the streets of Europe and other places around the world. Anti-Semitism fueled by hostility towards Israel is part of everyday normality for Jews. It has been tolerated and often even supported by numerous people and organizations for many years. As soon as Israel is forced to defend its existence, these forms of anti-Semitism break out again. Together we must send a clear message that racism in all its forms must be condemned, marginalized, and defeated.

Following the ceasefire, and given the severe economic crisis facing the people of the Gaza Strip, the Histadrut supports the renewal of access of Palestinian workers to Israel from the Gaza Strip.

Entry of Palestinian workers into Israel, following security clearance, will support the Israeli economy, the humanitarian needs of Gaza’s people and help restore relations between the peoples.