Spotlight on the Israeli Labour Market May 2022

Ido Len and Yoni Ben Bassat
May 17, 2022

Stagnation in the salaries of healthcare workers: From the beginning of 2019 until today, employees of the public health system have been experiencing stagnation in wages, in parallel with the constant growth in employment rates. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemia, the average wage in the industry increased, but this trend was reversed in the past year, with the average wage being about 8% lower than the predicted wage.

Signs of a structural change in the labor market: Although the overall unemployment rate in the economy has dropped to the lowest level ever, there is a continuing gap in the number of jobs: the economy lacks between 87,000 and 133,000 jobs compared to the pre-Corona trend forecast. This may be a significant structural change in the labor market.

Increase in wage and employment disparities: The recovery from the corona was accompanied by an increase in wage disparities and in employment. While high-wage industries have recovered from the crisis, some industries are experiencing declining employment and wages, emphasizing industries characterized by medium wage levels.

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