Happy Passover

Passover is celebrated by Jews every year, commemorating the anniversary of the Exodus from Egyptian slavery, as told in the Bible.

On the first night in Israel, Jews hold a Seder, and enjoy a ritual-rich 15-step feast, which centers around telling the story of the Exodus. Some highlights include: Drinking four cups of wine, dipping veggies into saltwater, children kicking off the storytelling by asking the Four Questions (Mah Nishtanah), eating matzah (a cracker-like food, which reminds Jews that when our ancestors left Egypt they had no time to allow their bread to rise) and bitter herbs, and singing late into the night.

Passover lasts for 7 days in Israel and 8 days in the Diaspora.

On Passover, Jews may not own or consume chametz, anything containing grain that has risen. This includes virtually all bread, pasta, cakes, and cookies. Prior to the holiday, homes are thoroughly cleaned for Passover, kitchens are purged, and the remaining chametz is burned or sold.

Passover is important to Jews, as it celebrates the birth of the Jewish nation.

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