Peter Lerner


Lerner to ITUC: Your Silence on Israel’s Tragedy is a Dereliction of Duty

The Director General of the International Relations Division of the Histadrut, Peter Lerner, commented today on ITUC’s response to Hamas’ 7th October attack on Israel. ...Read more


Workplace Democracy – Histadrut Delegation Visits Germany to Learn About Employee Participation in Decision-Making in the Workplace

A group of chairpersons of workers' committees, and Histadrut workers learned about the German model of co-determintation at the workplace.


“There Are No Good Jobs On A Dead Planet” – Histadrut representatives speak on the impact of climate change on labor relations and the future of work.

The Israeli workers' unions already understand that climate change should be addressed in policy. But there is not yet a consensus on how that should ...Read more


Director of the International Relations Division addresses the International Labour Conference in Geneva

Lerner: "General Strike is not an act of rebellion. It is a powerful symbol of workers' determination to fight for their rights when all avenues ...Read more


Opinon: Why Israel must ratify ILO conventions to enhance workplace safety

Countries have a responsibility to ensure the safety and health of their workers.


Histadrut and DGB celebrate 60 years of solidarity between Israeli and German trade unions

German unions convene in Tel-Aviv, visit Israel: "Solidarity Forever"


Histadrut inclusive employment progam making a real difference

Making inclusive employment a riality in Israel


Arnon Bar-David, elected vice president and member of the leadership of the ITUC

ITUC 5th Congress closes with new leadership


Histadrut address to the 110th International Labour Conference

Decent wages for a decent day's work must be at the heart of individual economic progress.