Opinon: Why Israel must ratify ILO conventions to enhance workplace safety

Peter Lerner
Apr 28, 2023

Israel, like many other countries, has a responsibility to ensure the safety and health of its workers. To achieve this, it is essential to ratify the International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions C155 and C187.

Convention C155 provides for the adoption of a national policy on occupational safety and health that takes into account the hazards and risks of the working environment. It also requires the establishment of a system for inspection, consultation, and information to ensure that all employers comply with the national policy.

Convention C187, on the other hand, aims to promote the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases, as well as to protect workers from the hazards of toxic substances. It also provides for the adoption of a national policy, the establishment of a system of inspection, and the obligation of employers to take measures to prevent occupational accidents and diseases.

By ratifying these conventions, Israel would be taking a significant step towards improving workplace safety and health. The conventions would provide a legal framework for employers to follow, setting out clear guidelines and requirements for ensuring the safety and health of workers.

Moreover, the conventions would enable the government to establish an effective inspection system that would help to identify and address potential hazards in the workplace. This would include regular inspections of workplaces, the provision of training for inspectors, and the enforcement of penalties for non-compliance with safety regulations.

In addition to improving workplace safety, ratifying these conventions would also have wider benefits for Israel’s economy and society. By reducing the number of workplace accidents and illnesses, it would lead to fewer absences from work, lower healthcare costs, and increased productivity. It would also help to attract foreign investment, as investors are increasingly looking for countries that have strong labor protections and regulations.

In conclusion, ratifying ILO conventions C155 and C187 would be a positive step for Israel’s workers, economy, and society. It would provide a clear legal framework for ensuring workplace safety and health and establish an effective inspection system to identify and address potential hazards. It is essential that the Israeli government takes this step to protect its workers and create a safer and healthier working environment.

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