Labour Dispute


Announcement: Labor Dispute at Eilat Port

Organizational measures will remind the management that human capital is the engine for growth and the key to the port company’s success.


Social workers declare a labor dispute after government announcement of privatization

Outsourcing suitability assesment for the treatment of violent men will harm the social service.


Histadrut Jurist Union warns of labor dispute due to planned government reforms

Jurist Union raise concerns over impact of judicial reform on workers


Government Employees Union declare labor dispute following destructive coalition agreement

Ofir Alcalay outlines how workers have been excluded from the impacts of the coalition agreements on their livelihoods


Labor dispute at Osem sites throughout Israel

For the past six months, negotiations have been taking place for a general collective agreement at Osem to regulate the terms of employment and workers’ ...Read more


A special collective agreement for the employees of Kamada

Under the agreement, employees of the biopharmaceutical company will benefit from salary increases, perseverance grants, and increased participation of the company in vacations and the ...Read more


The Histadrut declared a labor dispute at a Teva factory in Kfar Saba

Among the reasons for the conflict, which will apply to about 1,200 workers: “Changes in work arrangements without the participation of the workers’ committee, violation ...Read more


Histadrut chairman: “If no steps are taken to eradicate violence against public servants – I will declare a labor dispute in the entire public sector.”

Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David said this following increasing violence against workers and public servants. Bar-David called on state authorities and law enforcement to act vigorously ...Read more


Regional Labor Court: “Egged drivers have a basic right to work under minimum conditions of human dignity”

Judge Tamar Etzion Peltz called on the Ministry of Transportation to intervene in the issue of the lack of refreshment points and services at the ...Read more


The Histadrut has declared a labour dispute with the driving tester companies

The Transportation Workers Union, of the Histadrut declared a labor dispute with the driving tester companies Taldor-One and Milagam. The dispute was declared today (24, ...Read more