Announcement: Labor Dispute at Eilat Port

Adi Marcus
Aug 07, 2023

The Histadrut, announces a labor dispute at the Eilat Port Company.

The conflict follows an impasse in negotiations to sign a collective agreement for the port workers, which the Nakash brothers own. The port serves as a southern maritime gateway for the entry of goods into Israel. These days a significant peak in the number of cars stored in and around the port was recorded. The enhanced capacity is, among other things, due to the workers’ commitment to the port’s success. As it stands, 120 port employees are affected by the labor dispute.

“After several meetings in which agreements were reached, the port management decided to withdraw,” said Nir Eisenberg, Director of the Maritime Division at the Histadrut’s Transport Workers’ Union. “The port management has not yet internalized that the employees are full partners in the success. These days preparatory work is being done, together with the Histadrut’s Eilat District and the Seafarers Union, in preparation for organizational measures that will remind the management that human capital is the engine for growth and the key to the port company’s success.”

The workers’ committee at the Port of Eilat, stated that they are working with the Histadrut to promote a collective agreement for all the port employees. After many years in which the collective agreement has not been renewed for many years the port workers are experiencing wage erosion. At the same time, the Port of Eilat has doubled its cargo capacity. The workers are part of the port’s success, and the workers’ committee hopes the management will also show that it comprehends this.

The Histadrut calls on the port management to return to the negotiating table and reach a fair and just collective agreement for its workers.

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