Histadrut Chairman Visits Ashkelon Hospital -Treating 800 Under Missile Attack.

He sought to understand the challenges faced by its residents and the ongoing efforts in responding to the crisis.


Another Update on the Challenges Faced By the Workers of Israel

Within a week, it seems like no one person in Israel is not mourning the death of a relative, neighbor or friend.


A First Update on the Unprecedented Challenges faced by workers in Israel. 

Grief and uncertainty now loom large, affecting every corner of our nation. As we grapple with the logistical challenges and increased care demands, our Israeli ...Read more


Histadrut delegation travels to Poland to strengthen the memory of the Holocaust

It also served to raise Histadrut workers' awareness of human rights issues that the workers of Israel may face.


Bezalel: Histadrut evolving to remain relevant for society, workers and retirees

There is almost no Israeli who does not have an opinion about the Histadrut. The largest labor organization in Israel, which was a partner in ...Read more


Arnon Bar-David re-elected as Chairman of the Histadrut

Histadrut Election Committee announced the final results of today’s election for the organizations’ leadership and institutions. 254,042 eligible voters participated in Israel’s largest digital election, ...Read more


Histadrut To Conduct Largest Ever Digital National Elections In Israel

601,000 eligible voters, including workers and retirees, will be able to exercise their right and vote secretly at one of the 2,031 polling stations set ...Read more