Pensioners’ Plight Ignored: “Transparent Generation” Demands Action from Israeli Government

Histadrut pensioners unions take to the streets


Arnon Bar-David to Smotrich: Use your weight and let us stop what’s happening today in the streets of Israel

"Only goodwill is required to sit in the room as we sat."


Israelis continued to take to the streets this week to say to the government, “enough!”.

On Monday, in the Cinematheque square in Tel Aviv, with the participation of hundreds of workers, pensioners, and citizens, chanted, “Enough! life is so expensive ...Read more


Hundreds of Nahariya residents protest the cost of living crisis, “Enough! Everything is so expensive here”

As the campaign continues, Histadrut and residents of Naharia protest the cost of living in Israel.


YMCA workers demonstrate against management stalling and abuse

Time to negotiate wages for YMCA in Jerusalem


Bar-David announces nationwide protests against the cost of living crisis

Starting tomorrow, the Histadrut embarks on a nationwide wave of protests designed to harness the public to act while calling on the incoming government to ...Read more


School staff protest uncompensated work

Women from all over the country protest working conditions


Video: Workers rights are human rights


Fight against the cost of living continues

Representatives of the Histadrut, social activists, and citizens demonstrated this evening in front of the homes of the president of the Union of Chambers of ...Read more


Histadrut holds demonstration against the “Tyranny of Living”

Dozens of representatives of the Histadrut and activists demonstrated on Friday in front of Noam Weiman’s house in Tel Aviv, demanding to stop the price ...Read more


Next steps to continue the fight to lower the cost of living in Israel

Histadrut decided to hold protests in the coming days at the homes of senior managers in the economy and deploy hundreds of activists in shopping ...Read more


Egged protest over poor and abusive working conditions

Drivers have long been warning that they have no place to refresh or rest at the end stations, let alone vacate the toilets. After the ...Read more