Histadrut holds demonstration against the “Tyranny of Living”

Jul 31, 2022

Dozens of representatives of the Histadrut and activists demonstrated on Friday in front of Noam Weiman’s house in Tel Aviv, demanding to stop the price increases in the economy. The demonstration is the first step of the Histadrut in the field and a wake-up call to the food and marketing companies that the public is no longer willing to pay the price.

Representatives of the Histadrut, activists and ordinary citizens participate in the demonstration. The activists called for the personal intervention of the senior officials and held signs with the slogans, “Stop being suckers – buy smart and fight the tyrant,” “I am not a sucker,” as well as “Diplomat, Shastovitz, Kimberly-Clark – the celebration is over.” The demonstration comes as part of the Histadrut’s uncompromising move to reduce the costs of living and curb the wave of price increases in the economy. As part of the actions, the Histadrut announced a consumer boycott of the giant companies mentioned above, revealed the brands that raised prices, and sent requests to the heads of the companies in the economy to freeze price increases. A special committee was established under the chairmanship of the Histadrut, and there was a meeting to prepare for future steps. At the same time, the Histadrut campaign continues all over the country, which includes the deployment of billboards, the distribution of promotional materials, and press ads. Over a million drivers were exposed to the campaign through the Waze Navigation app.
Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David: “The Israelis have ended up being suckers, and we are not ready to stand back. We will go anywhere and act against anyone who participates in the price madness in the State of Israel. We are here to say – enough of the tyranny of living. It is in the hands of the companies and their executives to stop the wave of price increases and restore sanity to the country and the economy.”

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