YMCA workers demonstrate against management stalling and abuse

Dec 19, 2022

About two hundred YMCA workers in Jerusalem demonstrated this morning (Monday) outside and inside the institution’s corridors against the prolongment of negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement. As part of the organizational measures, the workers refrained from providing services to the public. The employees of the Jerusalem institution provide educational, cultural, and sports services to thousands of residents of the capital. The management ignores the same workers regarding the terms of their employment.

Chairman of the Jerusalem District of the Histadrut, Danny Bonfil: “The workers will not shut up. The workers demand what they deserve, and they will get it. We have been waiting for answers for three months, but the management isn’t interested. Most workers here earn minimum wage, and the management wants to damage these minimum conditions. We will not let this happen and will fight shoulder to shoulder to boost the existing rights and conditions.”

The Jerusalem YMCA Workers’ Committee Chairman, Khaled Rishak: “We are exposed to injustices daily. Unilateral demotions and lack of wages, disdainful treatment by the management to the employees, the management’s abdication of responsibility, and withdrawal of agreements with employees. We want to live with dignity and receive what we deserve. Therefore, we expect the management to return to the negotiation table and end the crisis for all of us – the management, employees, and especially the recipients of the services at the YMCA.”

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