A special collective agreement was signed for EL AL pilots

Jul 10, 2022

According to the agreement, valid until the end of 2025, pilots’ wages will be returned to the level prior to the corona crisis by the beginning of next year. It was also agreed to carry out simulator training in Israel and with the expansion of commercial activity to operate leased aircraft. Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David: “I welcome the agreements that restore pilots’ salaries to their former state.”

The Histadrut, the management of EL AL, and the pilots’ workers committee signed a special collective agreement regulating the company’s working relations. It will allow it to operate more efficiently and grow again in the face of the challenges in the aviation industry.

According to the agreement, valid until the end of 2025, the pilots’ salaries will be restored gradually until 2023 to their level before the Corona crisis per the 2018 agreement. Additionally, simulator training will be conducted in Israel, and the pilots will perform rapid training on Boeing 777 aircraft. Along with expanding commercial activity, ELAL will operate leased aircraft.

Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David: “El Al and the other Israeli airlines are an essential strategic asset for the country, and I welcome the fact that we have reached an agreement that will allow efficient and continuous operation of the company’s aircraft, along with returning pilots’ salaries to their former state. The aviation industry in general, and El Al in particular, have had two difficult years, and now that demand for flights is at its peak, I am sure the agreement will bring El Al back to growth. I thank Avi Edri, the company’s management, the pilots’ workers committee, and everyone who contributed to the agreement. We will continue to work for the workers in all sectors of the economy. “

El Al CEO Dina Ben-Tal: “Our ultimate goal is to provide customers with an excellent flight experience. We put our customers’ good at the center and will do everything to facilitate them during this challenging period. With the signing of the agreement, we look forward, with the joint forces of all the El Al sectors, to tackling and facing the difficulties and global competition in the aviation and tourism industry. Although, in comparison to other international airlines, EL AL has a very low rate of flight cancellations, we will always strive to minimize the scope of cancellations. “

Chairman of the Histadrut’s Transportation Workers’ Union, Avi Edri: Chairman of the Histadrut’s Transportation Workers’ Union, Avi Edri: “The pilots of the Israeli airlines, including EL AL pilots, have significantly reduced their salaries for the airlines to survive. Today, as the aviation industry recovers, it is time to restore the status quo and pay tribute to the employees of the Israeli airlines who saved the industry from collapsing.”

Chairman of the El Al Pilots Committee, Ran Alkabetz: “After two difficult and complex years, El Al pilots welcome the signing of an employment agreement that returns the company and its pilots to a normal working relationship, based on trust and full cooperation for the benefit of the company, its customers and employees. We would like to thank the controlling shareholders and the new management, led by CEO Dina Ben-Tal, for agreeing to end the dispute amicably while balancing mutual interests and creating a stable and efficient infrastructure for the broad operational flexibility required to strengthen and grow the company.”

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