Histadrut leadership approves 917 million shekel budget for 2023

Dec 01, 2022

The leadership of the Histadrut approved today (Thursday) the organization’s budget for 2023. The activity budget of NIS 917 million reflects an increase of approximately 4.3% compared to the previous year. It embodies the changes in the Israeli economy, including the rise in interest rates and inflation.

The current budget was formulated to increase the trade unions’ activity and strengthen the care and service provided to all workers represented by the Histadrut. In addition, the budget expresses organizational preparation for various professional struggles to protect workers’ rights, the closest of which is a new framework agreement for public sector workers. Finally, the organization’s resources will also be devoted to social struggles on a national scale, with a substantial part of this section directed to the struggle against the cost of living and a first-of-its-kind Histadrut venture of an online social supermarket.

In the formulation of the new budget, emphasis was placed on strengthening the services for the welfare of Histadrut members, such as: expanding the “Learning and Advanced” program to increase access to higher education and professional training, increasing the variety of products and categories that are offered with deep subsidies by the “Together for You” consumer club and unique benefits such as group insurance for drugs not included in the healthcare basket; budgeting of the mutual aid fund that supports Histadrut members who have fallen into financial distress; Expanding and upgrading the infrastructure of the “Friends” chain that provides access to cultural events in peripheral cities; “Healthy Employees” app to encourage a healthy lifestyle among the working public; and investment in improving services for pensioners in all areas of the Histadrut throughout the country.

The budget includes a particular reference to the implementation of innovation and advanced technological measures in all of the organization’s service systems, including the Histadrut’s information and service center that provides answers and advice on rights issues for all workers in the economy. Other matters expressed in the budget are: increasing aid to the Histadrut funds that help unionized organizations and Histadrut members, Strengthening the activities of the International Relations Division to increase the influence of the Histadrut in the international arena, and harness labor unions from all over the world to fight initiatives and economic boycotts against the Staarnonte of Israel in general, and the Histadrut in particular; Continued investment in the activities of the Spaces Division; Improving the care and service for employees under extension orders and other issues.

The budget was prepared and submitted for the approval of the leadership by the Deputy Director General of Finance at the Histadrut, CPA Gil Elmelech, Director of the Economy and Finance Department Meir Elfarsi, and the staff of the Finance Department, and it will be submitted for approval by the Histadrut House of Representatives.

The chairman of the Histadrut, Arnon Bar-David, stated: “The budget for the coming year is another expression of the responsible conduct of the Histadrut, also in the financial aspect, and the adjustments we knew how to make to prepare for the challenges of the time. I am proud that we were able to increase the activity of the trade union and expand the investment in the members of the Histadrut. We will continue to leverage the power of the Histadrut to achieve many achievements and professional struggles that will improve the status of the working person in Israel. My thanks and appreciation to CPA Gil Almelach and his dedicated team for building a balanced budget that ensures the strength of the Histadrut and helps move it forward.”

The CFO of the Histadrut CPA Gil Almelach: “The budget reflects an adjustment in the activities of the Histadrut following the exit from the COVID-19 crisis and the changing trends in the economy. We built this budget to expand the scope of activity and increase the investment in the members of the Histadrut without compromising on the organization’s financial soundness.”

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