Collective Agreement Paves Way for Improved Workers’ Rights at Turkish Airlines Israel

Jul 18, 2023

In a landmark development, the Histadrut, Turkish Airlines’ Israeli division, and the worker’s committee representatives have finalized a collective agreement for the company’s employees. The agreement will run through to the end of 2025 and aims to enhance the rights of the employees across several dimensions.

Among the key provisions of the agreement are an 11% salary hike to be dispersed in three installments, a boost to the pension salary base, an enhanced travel and subsistence allowance, and the provision of travel insurance for workers and employees. The agreement also sets out to provide mobile devices for managers.

Attorney Eyal Yadin, Chairman of the Transportation Workers’ Union, expressed his satisfaction with the agreement. He acknowledged the resurgence in the aviation sector post COVID 19 crisis and praised the workers for their resilience and contribution during the turbulent period. Yadin expressed the union’s continued commitment to worker’s welfare and linked their success to the overall progress of the company.

“We see the success of an employee and the improvement of their rights as the success of all of us,” Yadin added.

Arsen Jürgen, the CEO of Turkish Airlines, reiterated the company’s dedication towards its employees, stating that the agreement marked the management’s recognition and appreciation for the workers. He also lauded the efforts of the Histadrut and the Workers’ Committee for their cooperative and constructive approach during the negotiations.

Expressing his optimism about the agreement, the CEO of the Transport Workers’ Union, Attorney Roy Blitenthal said, “This collective agreement improves the wages of the workers, provides them with security, and significantly contributes to the success of the company.” He underscored the pivotal role of worker cooperation and unionization in securing this positive outcome.

Attorney Keren Kleper, the Director of the Aviation Division of the Transport Workers’ Union, applauded the agreement for its potential to enhance workers’ wages and working conditions, citing it as an acknowledgment of the workers’ contribution to the company’s recent success.

The Chairman of the Turkish Airlines Workers’ Council, Esti Ben Adrat, welcomed the agreement, seeing it as a reflection of the management’s recognition of the employees’ role in the company’s success. “The management’s assessment of employee contributions during the Corona period is significant and reinforces the belief that employees play a crucial role in the company’s growth and economic achievements,” said Adrat.

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