Arnon Bar-David


Bar David addresses upcoming Memorial Day and Independence Day

This evening, the annual commemoration ceremonies for the fallen soldiers and the victims of terror will take place, as Israelis will mention the national Memorial ...Read more


Bar David calls for elections in February 2025; Six months into the war, the government needs to reach decisions.

I would have resigned 30 times over if what happened on Oct. 7 happened on my watch; Six months on, Bar David is calling on ...Read more


The Construction Industry needs better solutions; Bar-David called on the Minister of Housing and Construction and the Minister of Interior to regroup

More than 20,000 contruction workers are waiting to arrive in Israel, but only dozens enter each week


Leaders of the Georgian Trade Union Confederation Show Solidarity with the Histadrut and Israeli People

The GTUC President and leaders of the Union Confederation arrived in Israel for a solidarity visit. During their visit last week, they learned about Histadrut’s ...Read more


On International Social Workers Day – Our Social Workers Brace for Yet Another Surge in Support Needs Amidst First Return to Southern Communities

when people feel that it is time to rebuild their life, this is when more people decide to seek help for dealing with trauma


The Prime Minister took us to the edge – The only way out is elections

Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to take responsibility for the disastrous events of October 7 and resign from his ...Read more


We live together, we work together, and when there is a siren, we run to the bomb shelter together.

Whilst the entire country is experiencing deep grief and reconfiguring our emotions and sense of safety, Arab Israelis experience additional profound complexities in their communities, ...Read more


“Drafted for You” – Protecting Reservists’ Rights at the Workplace

By law, reservists in Israel are protected from sanctions at their workplaces due to mandatory participation in reserve duty. However, in the past couple of ...Read more


Pension Funds and Minimum Wage Rise Protected, But is a Harsh Austerity Plan Underway?

The Histadrut successfully prevented the slashing of tax benefits on pension plans and from freezing the minimum wage increase. However, financial security is at risk ...Read more


10 Weeks into the War: Unravelling the Impact of the Conflict on Economy and Society

A comprehensive review of the effects of the war on the Israeli nation and workforce, and the Histadrut's actions to elevate our nation.


A First Step Towards Healing: A New Agreement For Psychologists in the Public Health System

The initiative is a crucial step toward strengthening the public psychology system in Israel, but it is merely a step.


Arnon Bar-David: “I cannot remember such anxiety, such helplessness.” 

In a recent interview with the Israeli radio station Galatz, Arnon Bar-David, Chairman of the Histadrut, was asked to address the Histadrut's involvement in protests ...Read more


Extended Unemployment Benefits and Business Support Through December

Productive discussions with the Ministry of Finance resulted in a mutual agreement to extend the Unpaid Leave plan throughout December.


Increased Compensation Outline for Businesses Following the War Against Hamas

With joint forces and a dialogue that raised to the need of the hour, we reset the issue of the mass unpaid leave.


An address to the Histadrut’s International Counterparts on the War Against Hamas and the Way Forward

Avital Shapira, the Director of International Relations, address the situation in Israel, Hamas terror, and the Histadrut position on our way forward.


Histadrut Chairman Concerned Over the Government Response to Ongoing Crisis

There is room to expand the safety net also through the National Insurance Institute in places where the Treasury plan does not provide an answer


Histadrut Chairman Visits Ashkelon Hospital -Treating 800 Under Missile Attack.

He sought to understand the challenges faced by its residents and the ongoing efforts in responding to the crisis.


The Chairman of the Histadrut Met Families and Volunteers at the HQ of the Hostages and Missing Families Forum.

Along with hope and support, the families must know that the people of Israel will do everything to bring our sons and daughters home.


Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David calls for a national emergency government to form “as soon as possible” in the wake of the current crisis.

Bar-David urges the prime minister and opposition leaders to put aside their differences and work together to lead the country through this difficult time.


Emergency Hotlines and Guest Rooms for People Fleeing Their Homes- The Histadrut Stands in Solidarity with Southern Residents During Crisis

To respond to the profound emotional toll of the conflict on all residents of Israel, the information center operates as an emergency hotline.


Arnon Bar-David message to workers: Unified in Heartache: A Plea for Unity and Resilience in Israel’s Darkest Hour

To my fellow Israelis and the dedicated members of the Histadrut, In these trying times, especially for the residents of our southern regions who face ...Read more


Labor Minister Signs Extension Orders to Increase Convalescence Allowance in the Private Sector and Compensate Workers Affected by 2022 Military Operation.

Approximately three million workers to benefit from hundreds of Shekels in increased convalescence allowance.


Conference for workers’ committees in local authorities reinforces striking achievements in recent collective agreements.

"The kindergarten teachers' support agreement is the heart of my work and the culmination of my work for 35 years that I have been working ...Read more


New Collective Agreement for Osem- Nestle Factories, Sets Minimum Wage Above the National Level.

"This agreement provides a minimum wage that is significantly higher than required by law" - Arnon Bar-David


A New Dawn for Israel’s Early Educators: Over 55,000 Workers to Benefit from Historic Collective Agreement!

After lengthy negotiations, a reform in the salaries of kindergarten teachers' aids in the local authorities was signed today.


New Collective Agreement Signed for Bank Hapoalim Employees, Ensuring Job Security and Wage Increases

Mew agreement ensures improved employment conditions and heralds a 'rebirth' of labor relations.


Israel Paying High Price for Crisis: Histadrut Chairman Reacts to Moody’s Damning Review

"Persisting with legislation without consensus will only fuel inflation and weaken our currency, making it even more difficult for many Israelis to meet their monthly ...Read more


Chairman Arnon Bar-David vows tough action, demanding broad agreement on reforms.

Labor dispute looms as divisions deepen within the nation.


Mediation efforts continue as Bar-David meets Lapid

Building Bridges: Histadrut Chairman Bar-David Vows to Leave No Stone Unturned in Search for Compromise


Histadrut and Business leaders submit a proposal to Prime Minister Netanyahu and opposition leaders aimed at reconciling differences, setting the stage for action if no agreement is reached.

As the nation stands at a pivotal juncture, Histadrut leaders hold marathon discussions, committing to act decisively in the interests of Israel's security and integrity


No More Political Bickering, Says Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David

Bar-David: No plans to shut down the economy, the demise of "reasonableness" bill will not harm the workers.


New Framework Agreement Ushers in Brighter Future for Israel’s Public Sector

Groundbreaking agreement addresses disparities in the public and private sectors, set to empower hundreds of thousands of workers.


The Chairman of the Histadrut to the Prime Minister: “Where are you taking the State of Israel? stop the chaos”

"I call on the Prime Minister: the ball is in your hand. Where are you taking the State of Israel? What is the legacy you ...Read more


Bank Hapoalim Employees Reach New Collective Agreement

"The close cooperation between the Histadrut and the workers' committee all along the way, emphasized again that the Histadrut is indeed the home of the ...Read more


Histadrut’s virtual job fair offers over 10,000 new jobs, with more than 25,000 registered

The fair, that started as an initiative of Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David during the COVID-19 pandemic, is being held online for the second year in ...Read more


Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar David Concludes Historic Visit to United States

Vice President Harris to Bar-David: Thank you for what you are doing for Israel.


Increase in wages of up to 7% for Hotel Workers

The Histadrut and the Hotel Association in Israel have signed a new collective agreement that will provide a significant boost to the wages and benefits ...Read more


Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David Criticizes Israeli Government’s Handling of Economy

Israel under this government is a country without a plan


Judicial Upheaval Divides the Nation: Histadrut Chairman calls for a halt to protect Israeli society

Arnon Bar-David: Israel Faces Unprecedented Social Polarization and Threat to Zionist Enterprise


Chairman of Histadrut calls for economic security for workers affected by Gaza conflict

Minister of Labor called upon to sign extension order for compensation fund by Histadrut


Histadrut remains strong amidst the judicial upheaval, chairman says in meeting with IMF delegation

Histadrut chairman highlights challenges and successes during meeting with IMF delegation


May Day parade in Tel Aviv calls for social justice

Arnon Bar-David praises power of youth at May Day celebrations


Arnon Bar-David on Israel’s 75th Independence Day: Israel’s strength lies in the unity of its citizens

Israel is 75 years old and nothing here can be taken for granted


Histadrut hosts historic first LGBTIQ+ worker conference

Histadrut celebrates Pride at work with lectures and experts who addressing the complexities and needs of the LGBT community in the workplace.


Eid al-Fitr brings unity: Histadrut reaffirms support for Palestinian workers, seeks to expand vocational training initiatives

Reaffirming commitment to Muslim members, employment rights and collaborating with the PGFTU to expand vocational training opportunities across various sectors.


Arnon Bar-David refutes allegations of conspiracy, reaffirms commitment to serve Israeli society

Chairman denies false claims of coordinated strike with Israeli Prime Minister's Office


Netanyahu halts legislation following 10 hours of general strike, a show of unified power

Histadrut General Strike Ends as Prime Minister Netanyahu Chooses Unity


Employers and employees in Israel join forces in historic strike against controversial legislation.

Chairman of Histadrut calls on Prime Minister to stop Israel's descent into abyss.


Arnon Bar-David: Stop the legislation

Israel’s security and societal integrity above everything else.


Bar-David and Amitai unite in support of President Herzog’s plan to end Israel’s Turmoil

Rallying President Herzog's plan for end to social turmoil


Government Employees Union’s Newly Elected Chairman, Aims to Improve Working Conditions and Provide Better Service to the Public

Following nomination in September 2022, IUGE conducted elections resulting in a unanimous victory


Labor and Business Leaders Warn Against Inaction, Vow to Take Action if Reforms Not Addressed

Bar-David and Amitai called on all members of the Knesset, regardless of political affiliation, to put an end to the madness afflicting Israeli society


Arnon Bar-David: Nobody can legislate against the Histadrut today

Special address by Arnon Bar-David to Histadrut leadership following public sector framework agreement.


Arnon Bar-David to Smotrich: Use your weight and let us stop what’s happening today in the streets of Israel

"Only goodwill is required to sit in the room as we sat."


Histadrut and Government agree to a groundbreaking framework agreement for public service workers

Working with the government for the benefit of government and public service workers


Bar-David: I’ll use all my strength to prevent harm to pensioners

Pensioners must live in dignity, not poverty.


Annual labor conference concludes with call for dialogue, collaboration and innovation

Trade Unionists, Government and Business convene in Eilat for the future of labor in Israel


Arnon Bar-David to Netanyahu: Steer the ship

In a fiery statement calls on politicians on all side of the political spectrum to come together for the sake of Israel


Arnon Bar-David calls on the people of Israel to rally around President Herzog’s 5 point proposal

Time for conflict resolution, not confrontation


Histadrut joins international trade union effort to support Turkey following devastating earthquake

Solidarity from Histadrut to Turkish unions


Histadrut, Brinks Israel Management Reach Landmark Agreement for 600 Employees

Security, Cleaning, and Nursing Care Workers Union Secures Significant Victories in Collective Agreement


Port workers join the Histadrut

The Histadrut, the HCT (Hadarom Container Terminal) Ashdod South Port management, and the workers’ representatives signed today (Sunday) the first collective bargaining agreement that will ...Read more


Arnon Bar-David: Legislation against workers is nothing more than a cynical endeavor

“There is no chance that bills that harm the workers’ organizations will pass the Knesset,” Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David said a short time ago, at ...Read more


Wages and job security for Israel Railways workers

Four years of negotiations for Israel Railways workers


Arnon Bar-David: I will not allow any party to harm the workers

Following proposal to limit the right to strike


Negotiations commence for a new public sector framework agreement

The Histadrut and the Ministry of Finance agreed to promote intensive negotiations with the aim of reaching a groundbreaking agreement that would strengthen the public ...Read more


Israelis continued to take to the streets this week to say to the government, “enough!”.

On Monday, in the Cinematheque square in Tel Aviv, with the participation of hundreds of workers, pensioners, and citizens, chanted, “Enough! life is so expensive ...Read more


Bar-David- Smotrich meet in Jerusalem

Time to get to work


Hundreds of Nahariya residents protest the cost of living crisis, “Enough! Everything is so expensive here”

As the campaign continues, Histadrut and residents of Naharia protest the cost of living in Israel.


Bar-David called for an immediate increase in the minimum wage to NIS 6,000, and for rapid progress with the framework agreements in the public sector

At IUGE Conference Bar-David warns the new government and demands workers rights and dignity


Eyal Yadin to lead Transport Union

The Secretariat of the Histadrut Transportation Workers’ Union has chosen attorney Eyal Yadin for the position of union chairman, following the recommendation of Histadrut Chairman ...Read more


Bar-David announces nationwide protests against the cost of living crisis

Starting tomorrow, the Histadrut embarks on a nationwide wave of protests designed to harness the public to act while calling on the incoming government to ...Read more


Histadrut Chairman visits BTL factories amid layoffs

Histadrut to confront looming threat of factory closure.


Histadrut launches nationwide campaign to counter the cost of living

Histadrut proposes steps to counter the cost-of living crisis in Israel


Histadrut leadership approves 917 million shekel budget for 2023

New budget in anticipation os the challenges to organized labour of 2023, and broadening membership services,


Arnon Bar-David, elected vice president and member of the leadership of the ITUC

ITUC 5th Congress closes with new leadership


Histadrut to establish a freelance worker division

Arnon Bar-David: "The decision positions the Histadrut as a body that represents all workers in Israel and helps them get their rights"


Edri to depart Histadrut Transport Union

Avi Edri, Chairman of the Transport Union to stepdown at the end of the Year


Workers receive payment for Gaza conflict

Collective agrrement signed for the benefit of workers affected by conflict


Arnon Bar David to supermarket chains: Don’t increase the price of products

Following increase reports of importers' intent to raise the costs of essential products.


Unions and Businesses join hands to raise awareness for breast cancer

When we raise our voices together, we help spread the word about the importance of breast cancer


“Together, we will make sure that 5783 will be a year blessed with achievements better for workers, retirees, and the State of Israel.”

Chairman of the Histadrut Arnon Bar-David in a special message for the Jewish new year.


Israel Postal Company is on the way to recovery with a recovery plan and collective agreement

The Ministry of Finance, the management of the Israel Postal Company, the Histadrut, and the workers’ representatives, signed today the recovery agreement of the Israel ...Read more


Collective bargaining agreement at Osem

Minimum wage to increase to NIS 6400


Bar-David: Special reform for teachers aides in 2023

Far-reaching reform regarding the salary and working conditions of the aides, which will lead to a fundamental change in the perception of the profession


New extension order was signed following a collective agreement covering the monitoring & patrol services

Important news for security monitoring & patrol services employees: Minister Orna Barbivay signed an extension order covering security monitoring & patrol services today *** Histadrut ...Read more


NIS 50 per hour: Agreement in Egged rise wages to the highest in the industry

After a successful night’s negotiation, Histadrut the Egged Workers’ Committee signed an agreement with the Egged management to increase the starting salary by about 15% ...Read more


Histadrut Chairman calls for renewed action against the rising cost of living

Steps include continuing the grassroots campaign “Buy smart and fight the tyranny of pricing,” assembling in protest outside the homes of leading figures of the ...Read more


The heads of workers committees: We will not include Diplomat, Shastovitz, and Kimberly Clark products in the holiday gift packages

The meeting was attended, among others, by the heads of the committees of the Aerospace Industry, Electricity Company, Shufersal, Partner, Mega, Clalit Health Services, Teva, ...Read more


Histadrut members distribute informational materials to consumers all over Israel

The activists handed out shirts and reusable bags to consumers to buy food and help them shop smart. The chairman of the Histadrut will convene ...Read more


Histadrut: Leiman Schlussel Ltd. to be included in the national consumer boycott

Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David announced this evening (Sunday) that he is including the products imported and marketed by the Leiman Schlussel Ltd. company on the ...Read more


Histadrut completed preparations for widespread activities tomorrow

Hundreds of workers and members of the Histadrut, activists, people from regional districts, and the Histadrut youth movement will visit shopping centers all over Israel, ...Read more


Histadrut holds demonstration against the “Tyranny of Living”

Dozens of representatives of the Histadrut and activists demonstrated on Friday in front of Noam Weiman’s house in Tel Aviv, demanding to stop the price ...Read more


Next steps to continue the fight to lower the cost of living in Israel

Histadrut decided to hold protests in the coming days at the homes of senior managers in the economy and deploy hundreds of activists in shopping ...Read more


Salary agreement for employees of the National Road Safety Authority

Better wages for workers


Stop being suckers: Buy smart and fight the tyranny of living

Histadrut will distribute informational materials at supermarkets


Histadrut calls for a consumer boycott to fight the rise in the cost of living

Histadrut demands concrete steps to fight the rising cost of living in Israel


Chairman of the Histadrut demands PM intervention to save the daycare industry from collapse

Time to save daycare education


Prime Minister Yair Lapid Meets with Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David

Cost of living at the center of Lapid and Bar-David meeting in Tel-Aviv


A special collective agreement for the employees of Kamada

Under the agreement, employees of the biopharmaceutical company will benefit from salary increases, perseverance grants, and increased participation of the company in vacations and the ...Read more


Salary and grant supplements: a special collective agreement for Partner employees

Collective agreement makes employees an integral part of the company's growth and ensures profit sharing


First House of Representatives meeting convened

Wage increses, negotiations, government employees all on the agenga for newly elected House of Representatives


Arnon Bar-David: “I will not allow Israel to be a rich country with poor citizens.”

171 members of the Histadrut House of Representatives elected by 2001 delegates representing all factions in the House


The Histadrut and the Presidency of the Business Sector have agreed to increase the convalescence allowance for workers in the private sector.

According to the agreement, the convalescence allowance for employees will be updated to NIS 400 per day, compared with NIS 378 for the entire economy ...Read more


Histadrut chairman: “The burden of the education system will not fall on the teachers’ assistants”

The chairman of the Histadrut, Arnon Bar-David, commented and harshly criticized the attempt by Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman with the backing of the Federation of ...Read more


Histadrut chairman: “If no steps are taken to eradicate violence against public servants – I will declare a labor dispute in the entire public sector.”

Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David said this following increasing violence against workers and public servants. Bar-David called on state authorities and law enforcement to act vigorously ...Read more


Thousands of teachers’ assistants in schools and kindergartens to receive NIS 1500 grants for new school year

Agreements between the Histadrut, the Ministry of Finance, the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel, and the three major cities also include pedagogical, educational, medical, ...Read more


New collective agreement in the construction industry signed

The agreement, signed by the Histadrut, the Builders’ Association of Builders, and the Association of Renovation Contractors, will be valid for five years and includes, ...Read more


Histadrut Pride

Pride, equality and inclusion celebrated at the Histadrut headquarters


Histadrut and the Ministry of Finance convened a meeting in Jerusalem and decided to establish joint teams to negotiate a new framework agreement and wage agreements.

Today (Monday), a working meeting between the Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David and the Director-General of the Ministry of Finance Ram Belnikov, Commissioner for Wages at the ...Read more


Arnon Bar-David re-elected as Chairman of the Histadrut

Histadrut Election Committee announced the final results of today’s election for the organizations’ leadership and institutions. 254,042 eligible voters participated in Israel’s largest digital election, ...Read more


Wage Supplements and Grants: A Collective Agreement for Menora Mivtachim Insurance Company Employees

The agreement, which applies to approximately 1,400 employees, will be valid until 2024.


After Years of Stagnation: New Collective Agreement Signed For Fire and Rescue Workers

The agreement centers on a salary model tailored to firefighters who will move to key operational positions at the Fire Authority's Headquarters and a grant ...Read more


QAS Collective Agreement: 450 Airport Workers to Recieve Double the Subsistence Expenses and Grants

Workers' wages to increase by 5%, and they will receive a seniority grant at the end of the year. The agreement will apply to about ...Read more

Inbal Hermoni

Social Workers Union Win Historic Wage Reform

Comprehensive reform improves and simplifies the wage structure of social workers and emphasizes their continuous development as professionals.


Chairman of the Radiographer Union: “We are the spinal cord of the medical system.”

Everyone knows that it is impossible to enter surgery or perform medical follow-up without radiographers.


Arnon Bar-David: I am proud to lead the Histadrut and the workers forward while maintaining the grand vision of organized, professional, and humane work.

Today we mark International Workers’ Day – May 1st. May Day is a day that is a symbol of the expression of solidarity between workers’ ...Read more


Wage, Allouncances, and Welfare Supplements: A new collective agreement for hundreds of workers of UPS franchisees in Israel

The agreement will apply to approximately 600 workers and be valid until mid-2025. Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David: “The agreement improves workers’ wages and accompanying employment ...Read more


Chairman of the Histadrut to the Minister of Finance: “My responsibility is to prevent the erosion of workers’ wages as a result of the sharp increase in the cost of living”

Following the increase in the inflation rate in the economy the Chairman of the Histadrut, Arnon Bar-David, called today on Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman to ...Read more