Histadrut Secures Groundbreaking Collective Agreement for Rotem OPC Power Plant Workers 

Adi Marcus
Dec 04, 2023

A new collective agreement was signed for the employees of the OPC Rotem power station. The agreement, which is valid for three years, marks a significant milestone for dozens of workers at the private power plant located near Dimona. 

Central to this groundbreaking accord is a substantial wage increase of over 20 percent. In addition to the notable wage boost, the collective agreement introduces several key provisions aimed at improving the overall working conditions and benefits for the employees. Employees will enjoy an increase in the annual grant that has been raised to 2.5 salaries. 

Further compensation includes an increase in wages for shift managers, so that their vital role in the power plant’s operations is better reflected in the compensation scheme. Additionally it was agreed to enhance pension provisions for shift workers, which will contribute to the long-term financial well-being of the employees. 

The annual company vacation that aims to raise the workers moral will now be organised by the workers committee. To make it more attractive to workers, it was agreed that it will be held overseas, and that participation will be counted as work days.   

Norbert Bukovza, Chairman of the Negev Region in the Histadrut, expressed his satisfaction with the agreement, stating, “even in this difficult time, the Negev Region is working to secure the economic future of the workers in the south.” 

Uzi Sade, the union secretary of the Negev region, also commended OPC and the agreement reached. He said, “our team is working on more collective agreements in this region. This is exactly the time to improve workers’ conditions in our economy.” 

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