Collective Bargaining Agreement Signed at Ernst & Young Israel

Sep 06, 2022

The Agreement, which will apply to approximately 1,600 Ernst & Young employees – the largest consulting and accounting firm in Israel – includes a variety of improvements in the employees’ terms of employment *** UCAPSE Chairman Adv. Gil Bar-Tal: “By working together, we have achieved a groundbreaking agreement in the finance sector”

The Histadrut, EY (Ernst & Young Accounting) Management, and the Workers’ Committee signed a new collective bargaining agreement for the Company. The Agreement, which will apply to the approximately 1,600 employees working at Israel’s largest consulting and accounting firm, improves the terms of employment in numerous areas.

Among the agreements reached is an increase in the employer’s contributions toward the employees’ advanced study funds; the annual vacation days accrual will be increased, and additional vacation days will be added to the vacation roster. 

The Agreement also includes a significant increase in the Company’s employee welfare budget, improvement of the postnatal parental leave, doubling the contribution towards meals (through the Ten Bis Card), shortening the transfer seniority period, and the possibility to work remotely one day per week.

Chairman of the UCAPSE, Adv. Gil Bar-Tal: “I congratulate the Ernst & Young employees on signing the collective bargaining agreement, improving their entitlements, and upgrading their employment terms. The Workers’ Committee, headed by Yoseph Levenson, CPA, and the Head of the Insurance & Finance Division Idan Orr, through cooperating with the Firm’s management, acknowledged the importance of promoting and developing the Firm’s high-quality human capital and the working environment, which have ultimately led to this pioneering collective bargaining agreement in the financial sector. I commend the Company’s Management for taking this leadership role in its concept of unionized labor and workers’ rights in the financial sector.”.

EY CEO and Chairman Sharon Shulman: “As a rule, the Histadrut is a balancing force, which works to reach the right kinds of agreements – as evidenced in this Agreement. I am convinced the Agreement will help future interns and talents as they come to decide on the Firm they would prefer to work in and that it will further strengthen our position as the market leader”. 

Human Resources Partner at Ernst & Young, Galia Aloni: “I would like to thank everybody for our journey, which has achieved this favorable outcome. The Histadrut has brought its spirit of professionalism to the table. Thanks to the patience and understanding exhibited on both sides, we have reached the compromises and balance manifested in this important Agreement. Our people are our most important resource, and we are glad that with this Agreement, we will be able to continue to provide them with an outstanding working experience”.

Head of the Insurance and Finance Companies Division in UCAPSE, Idan Orr: “Thanks to all involved in this effort. Signing the Agreement is not the end, it is the beginning. I believe we can move forward in this spirit of favorable labor relations since the common goal is to see the workplace prosper and grow”. 

Chairman of the Workers’ Committee Yoseph Levenson, CPA: “I would like to express my appreciation for the Histadrut, which has worked with me, and for the Management representatives, for their work throughout the negotiation. I am hopeful that we will succeed in cooperating on an equal footing to lead the Firm forward toward ever greater accomplishments and that we will leverage this Agreement, which provides security and a stable footing for the employees”.

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