Dan bus drivers starting salary will be the highest in the public transportation industry

Jun 14, 2022

The Histadrut, Dan Bus Company, and the company’s drivers’ workers committee signed a collective agreement early Tuesday morning to raise drivers’ wages to the highest level in the industry today. As of the July 2022 salary, the starting salary for Dan drivers will be NIS 48 per hour. At the same time, the existing salary table in the collective agreement will be updated according to seniority and reach NIS 61 per hour. The deal further determined that starting in January 2023, the percentage increase in the salary table will exceed each year of seniority, up to seniority of 45 years of work in the company.

The Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David: “I welcome the agreement to increase the salaries of Dan’s drivers. We will continue to work to strengthen the employment status and rights of drivers and public transport drivers so that this industry can continue to grow. I thank Avi Edri, the Dan Drivers workers’ committee, and the company’s management for their contribution to this important agreement.”

Dan Bus Company CEO Ofir Karni: “I am happy and proud to sign the new wage agreement with the drivers’ committee and the Histadrut. The new wage agreement is the best currently in place in the public transportation industry. Dan drivers will enjoy the best conditions in the industry, with a base salary of NIS 48-61, incentives, and premiums amounting to thousands of shekels a month. This agreement and the dramatic salary increases reflect the great appreciation that Dan and its management have for the dedicated work and quality service of the company’s drivers, which we strive to continue to maintain. Dan drivers are the leading and most important factor in public transportation in Israel. “

Chairman of the Histadrut Transportation Workers ‘Association, Avi Edri: “The Histadrut is proud to lead the best wage and employment conditions in the industry with the workers’ committees. Dan drivers today joined the trend of wage increases that we recently led with the public transport workers’ committees. We will continue strengthening public transport drivers in wage and employment conditions.”

The Dan drivers’ committee chairman, Yossi Capilotto: “I am more than proud that Dan’s drivers will be leading the payroll on public transportation from today. The strength of the Histadrut has proven that it is possible to raise wages without unnecessary struggles.”

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