Workers of Economic Company for Development of Netivot Join the Histadrut

Jul 16, 2023

The Histadrut has now become the representative body for the workers of the Economic Company for the Development of Netivot. This development followed the successful conclusion of the unionization process by the approximately 450 employees of the company. The move is seen as a significant step towards improving their employment conditions and ensuring job security.

The company functions as an operational extension of the municipality of Netivit, handling an array of services to benefit the residents of Netivot. These include the cultivation and enhancement of community spaces, development and sale of land in the city’s industrial zone, production of street signs and outdoor advertising, and management and development sites of the Netivot Municipality. A majority of the company’s workforce, many of whom are shuttle attendants and kindergarten teacher assistants, receive relatively low wages.

Upon successful unionization, the Histadrut notified the company’s management and invited them to begin negotiations on a collective agreement. This represents a milestone in the journey towards better working conditions and employment security for the company’s staff.

Norbert Bukovza, Chairman of the Histadrut in the Negev region, lauded the effort: “I applaud this new association led by the Negev region in collaboration with the Histadrut’s labor association division. This will strengthen the company’s employees and accelerate their progress toward achieving their goals. I thank all the devoted and diligent workers of the Negev Region who partook in this successful operation and extend my congratulations to the employees of the company for joining the Histadrut family on a promising path.”

Amichai Satinger, Director General of the Histadrut Labor Association Division, added: “The time has arrived for employees of municipal companies in general, and the Economic Company for the Development of Netivot in particular, to enjoy job security, wage increases, representation, and welfare at par with their counterparts in local authorities. We are proud to stand with the trailblazing committee in the company.”

The unionization process was a concerted effort led by the Negev region under the leadership of Chairman Bukovza, in collaboration with the Histadrut’s labor association division, directed by Amichai Stinger.

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