Social Activism


Key Cooperation to Safeguard Israel’s Agricultural Sector during the War Against Hamas

In a swift effort, over 1,000 people mobilized in less than a week - matched with volunteer opportunities in the agricultural sector.


A First Update on the Unprecedented Challenges faced by workers in Israel. 

Grief and uncertainty now loom large, affecting every corner of our nation. As we grapple with the logistical challenges and increased care demands, our Israeli ...Read more


New Initiative that Supports Workers Who Parent Children with Disabilities to Develop into a Society-Wide Position Paper

"Every home that experiences this goes through an upheaval... the group eliminates embarrassment and shame."


Histadrut delegation travels to Poland to strengthen the memory of the Holocaust

It also served to raise Histadrut workers' awareness of human rights issues that the workers of Israel may face.


Histadrut’s virtual job fair offers over 10,000 new jobs, with more than 25,000 registered

The fair, that started as an initiative of Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David during the COVID-19 pandemic, is being held online for the second year in ...Read more


Pensioners’ Plight Ignored: “Transparent Generation” Demands Action from Israeli Government

Histadrut pensioners unions take to the streets


May Day parade in Tel Aviv calls for social justice

Arnon Bar-David praises power of youth at May Day celebrations


Arnon Bar-David on Israel’s 75th Independence Day: Israel’s strength lies in the unity of its citizens

Israel is 75 years old and nothing here can be taken for granted


Bar-David announces nationwide protests against the cost of living crisis

Starting tomorrow, the Histadrut embarks on a nationwide wave of protests designed to harness the public to act while calling on the incoming government to ...Read more


“Who will replace you when…” the Histadrut in a new campaign to increase awareness of the fight against violence against women and to make Naamat’s hotline accessible (9201*)

The campaign will be broadcasted starting this evening on television channels and social networks in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Amharic and English.


Arnon Bar David to supermarket chains: Don’t increase the price of products

Following increase reports of importers' intent to raise the costs of essential products.


Histadrut Chairman calls for renewed action against the rising cost of living

Steps include continuing the grassroots campaign “Buy smart and fight the tyranny of pricing,” assembling in protest outside the homes of leading figures of the ...Read more


Histadrut completed preparations for widespread activities tomorrow

Hundreds of workers and members of the Histadrut, activists, people from regional districts, and the Histadrut youth movement will visit shopping centers all over Israel, ...Read more