Arnon Bar-David on Israel’s 75th Independence Day: Israel’s strength lies in the unity of its citizens

Apr 25, 2023

In a statement to the workers of Israel on the occasion of Israel’s 75th Independence Day, Arnon Bar-David, Chairman of the Histadrut, emphasized the importance of unity and shared responsibility in building Israeli society. Bar-David stated that the country was built through hard work, sacrifice, and determination and that these values must continue to be fostered to ensure a brighter future for all Israelis. He reminded everyone that the country does not belong to any one political party or group but to all citizens, including immigrants, Sabras, Ashkenazim, Mizrahim, religious and secular, and those who demonstrate in favor or against. Bar-David emphasized that the only way to fulfill the vision of the country’s founders is through unity and working together and said, “Remember: this country does not belong to politicians, neither from the right nor from the left. This is a country that belongs to the people.”He wished everyone a happy Independence Day and declared, “Long live the State of Israel!”

Video address on the occasion of Yom Haatzmaut – Israel’s Independence Day

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