Amid constitutional crisis Bar-David promises: Histadrut will not be on the sidelines

Aug 17, 2023

Last night, Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar David met with prominent leaders of the business sector in Israel. The meeting followed recent statements by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other government officials suggesting they might not adhere to court decisions.

The leaders gathered amidst growing fears of economic distress in the country. Business heads, especially those of banks, conveyed their deep worries about the Israeli economy’s future. They cautioned that the upcoming quarter’s financial reports might display escalating economic challenges. They emphasized that any government action taken without a broad consensus could be catastrophic for the country’s economic health.

Amidst these concerns the Histadrut has been rallying support to emphasize the potential consequences of the Netanyahu government’s disregard for the court’s decisions.

When asked about his perspective on the political climate, Bar-David, remarked that any move to disobey the High Court’s decisions is tantamount to “crossing all the lines.” He added, “As far as I’m concerned, this is breaking all the rules, for all the meanings. We will not allow such a constitutional crisis to occur, and we will not sit on the sidelines.”

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