Workers’ Rights During an Emergency: Histadrut Issues Guidelines

May 10, 2023

The Histadrut has issued a list of common questions and answers regarding workers’ rights during emergencies. The guidelines clarify what workers can expect during these situations.

  • Employers cannot require employees to come to work during a Home Front Command closure order or if an employee’s children’s educational institution has been closed. Additionally, employers cannot fire employees for being absent due to instructions from authorities during an emergency.
  • Histadrut also emphasizes that it is forbidden to fire employees due to their service in the IDF reserves. Essential factory and service employees are required to report to work, and employers can oblige employees to work overtime and/or on the hour during an emergency.
  • Employees who are unable to come to work due to the closure of non-essential workplaces or a personal emergency are protected by law from being dismissed. These employees will also be entitled to wages according to regulations and agreements.
  • The Histadrut advises employees to check the list of essential enterprises on the Ministry of Economy’s website to determine if their workplace is essential. Employers must also consider the special situation of working mothers with children under their care when calling for work service.
  • The Histadrut emphasizes that the details of payment and compensation during emergencies will be based on regulations and agreements that are to be signed. These guidelines aim to protect workers’ rights during times of crisis.

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