Chairman of Histadrut calls for economic security for workers affected by Gaza conflict

May 10, 2023

Arnon Bar-David, the Chairman of the Histadrut, has called on Yoav Ben-Zur, the Minister of Labor, to expand compensation for workers affected by the ongoing “Shield and Arrow” operation. Bar-David noted that, similar to past rounds of fighting, the government has provided compensation for businesses and workers who were harmed by security measures. However, the extension order needs the intervention and signature of the Minister of Labor to take effect.

Bar-David emphasized that the government has a responsibility to provide economic security to residents who are required to stay in protected areas and disrupt their daily routines. He cited a previous collective agreement between the Histadrut and the business sector that regulated compensation for workers who were absent from work following operation “Breaking Dawn” last year. However, this agreement has not been signed by the Minister of Labor, resulting in thousands of eligible workers being denied compensation.

“At this time, when the residents are again required to stay in protected areas and stop their daily routines, the government has the responsibility of creating certainty and security for them – which also includes economic security,” Bar-David noted in his address

Bar-David implored the Minister of Labor to sign the extension order and guarantee compensation for workers affected by the “Shield and Arrow” operation. He emphasized that the Histadrut will stand by residents of the South and work tirelessly to ensure their rights.

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