An address to the Histadrut’s International Counterparts on the War Against Hamas and the Way Forward

Adi Marcus
Oct 26, 2023

Dear fellow members of the international labor community,

Since 7 October, the Chairman of the Histadrut Arnon Bar-David, the Histadrut leadership, and the International Relations Division have received an overwhelming number of letters and messages of support from our counterparts worldwide. We thank you all for your unwavering concern and solidarity.

We understand that many in the international labor movement share our concerns and are further worried about the future of peace and the future of the Histadrut’s initiatives to promote vocational training and other ventures for Palestinians working in Israel and ensuring their rights are sustained.

In the following video, you can watch Avital Shapira, the Director of International Relations, address the situation in Israel, Hamas’ terror, and the Histadrut position on our way forward.

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