Judicial Upheaval Divides the Nation: Histadrut Chairman calls for a halt to protect Israeli society

May 23, 2023

The social situation in Israel is currently at its most polarized, dangerous, and problematic state ever. Instead of being a unified nation, we have become a collection of tribes, including the secular, orthodox, settler, high-tech, leftist, and Mizrahi tribes. Arnon Bar-David, the chairman of the Histadrut, expressed his concern about this development during his speech at the Herzliya conference. He questioned whether we have veered off course and are dismantling the Zionist enterprise ourselves. Instead of fostering mutual guarantee and a cohesive society, we have regressed into separate tribes that only care about their own interests.

Bar-David also addressed the economic situation, pointing out that the high-tech sector has suffered, investments are leaving the country, and we have transitioned from a stable economy to a vulnerable, tribalized one. He highlighted the lack of progress in education, the cost of living, welfare, and other crucial areas. He criticized the government’s preoccupation with personal survival and judicial upheaval, which has hindered progress and deepened societal divisions. Bar-David emphasized the need for a comprehensive work plan for the state.

The Histadrut chairman cautioned against the focus on the judicial upheaval and its divisive consequences. He argued that the justice system should be reformed starting with addressing the standards for judges and other important issues. He questioned the prioritization of judicial appointments, as it shouldn’t outweigh the welfare of the country. Bar-David acknowledged the outstanding legal system of Israel but stressed the need to prevent further damage caused by the proposed legal upheaval.

To overcome the complex situation, Bar-David emphasized the importance of making decisions and guiding the system. He mentioned the inclusive approach of the Histadrut, where everyone comes together for the common goal of advancing workers, the economy, and the country. He highlighted the responsible role of the Histadrut as a guiding force amid the existing chaos. Bar-David urged for proper navigation during turbulent times and identified the legal storm as particularly problematic due to its impact on society. He called for an immediate halt to the legal legislation and emphasized the need for Israel to stay connected with the world.

According to the Histadrut chairman, social cohesion is vital to address the challenges facing the country. He warned against tribalism and urged for strong leadership from the prime minister, similar to his approach in leading the Histadrut through collaboration and prioritizing the interests of the state. Bar-David expressed optimism about the country’s ability to overcome the crisis and called for the cessation of the unnecessary legal revolution, emphasizing the potential for success with the right leadership.

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