A Call for Ideological Consistency

for those unions and democratic organizations around the world that are still unaware of the story I am about to tell


Key Cooperation to Safeguard Israel’s Agricultural Sector during the War Against Hamas

In a swift effort, over 1,000 people mobilized in less than a week - matched with volunteer opportunities in the agricultural sector.


Increased Compensation Outline for Businesses Following the War Against Hamas

With joint forces and a dialogue that raised to the need of the hour, we reset the issue of the mass unpaid leave.


An address to the Histadrut’s International Counterparts on the War Against Hamas and the Way Forward

Avital Shapira, the Director of International Relations, address the situation in Israel, Hamas terror, and the Histadrut position on our way forward.


Histadrut Chairman Concerned Over the Government Response to Ongoing Crisis

There is room to expand the safety net also through the National Insurance Institute in places where the Treasury plan does not provide an answer


Histadrut Chairman Visits Ashkelon Hospital -Treating 800 Under Missile Attack.

He sought to understand the challenges faced by its residents and the ongoing efforts in responding to the crisis.


The Chairman of the Histadrut Met Families and Volunteers at the HQ of the Hostages and Missing Families Forum.

Along with hope and support, the families must know that the people of Israel will do everything to bring our sons and daughters home.


Another Update on the Challenges Faced By the Workers of Israel

Within a week, it seems like no one person in Israel is not mourning the death of a relative, neighbor or friend.


A First Update on the Unprecedented Challenges faced by workers in Israel. 

Grief and uncertainty now loom large, affecting every corner of our nation. As we grapple with the logistical challenges and increased care demands, our Israeli ...Read more


Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David calls for a national emergency government to form “as soon as possible” in the wake of the current crisis.

Bar-David urges the prime minister and opposition leaders to put aside their differences and work together to lead the country through this difficult time.


Emergency Hotlines and Guest Rooms for People Fleeing Their Homes- The Histadrut Stands in Solidarity with Southern Residents During Crisis

To respond to the profound emotional toll of the conflict on all residents of Israel, the information center operates as an emergency hotline.


Workers’ Rights During an Emergency: Histadrut Issues Guidelines

Know your rights