Emergency Hotlines and Guest Rooms for People Fleeing Their Homes- The Histadrut Stands in Solidarity with Southern Residents During Crisis

Adi Marcus
Oct 08, 2023

In response to the ongoing conflict, the Histadrut, Israel’s General Federation of Labor, is taking proactive measures to support residents in southern regions who are in need of evacuation and emotional assistance. This morning, Chairman Arnon Bar-David convened with the organization’s management to announce these crucial initiatives to aid those affected by the crisis.

As part of the immediate response, the Histadrut is allocating dozens of guest rooms within its facilities to accommodate residents from the southern regions who require evacuation. These will be available nationwide, including Beit Berl, the International Institute for Leadership, and Mishan – a senior residency provider.

Recognizing the profound emotional toll of the conflict on all residents of Israel, the Histadrut has transformed its information and service center into an emergency hotline. A team of dedicated psychologists, in partnership with the Union of Psychologists in Israel, and social workers, will offer crucial emotional support to all residents of Israel during these challenging times.

Additionally, the hotline will provide comprehensive guidance on employment rights during wartime, addressing inquiries from union members and non-members, in close coordination with the directives of the IDF’s Home Front Command.

Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David, expressed his solidarity with the people of Israel: “In this challenging hour, as all of Israel unites in the battle for our nation, the Histadrut stands strong with the people, both on the frontlines and on the home front. We are committed to supporting the residents of the south and Israeli society as a whole. Every room in Beit Berl and our other institutions is being made available to accommodate as many residents as possible who are in proximity to the conflict zones. The Histadrut’s information and service center operates as an emergency hotline, offering urgent assistance through our dedicated team of psychologists, social workers, and representatives, nationwide.”

If you require support or want to advise others to reach out to the Histadrut’s hotline, please contact:

Hotline number (for calls from within Israel): *2383

Whatsapp: 054-8678673

Email: moked@histadrut.org.il

Website: https://www.histadrut.org.il/

Direct link to the hotline on the website: https://shorturl.at/qwG47

The Histadrut app (search for “Histadrut Haovdim” in the app store).

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