Arnon Bar-David message to workers: Unified in Heartache: A Plea for Unity and Resilience in Israel’s Darkest Hour

Oct 07, 2023

To my fellow Israelis and the dedicated members of the Histadrut,

In these trying times, especially for the residents of our southern regions who face harrowing attacks, my heart aches deeply. We, as a nation and a united state, are witnessing devastation that words cannot capture.

In moments like these, all we can cling to is our unity and the collective sorrow that binds us.

Our brave public servants stand firm across all fronts, supporting our security forces and aiding our community. From local government employees, the fearless firefighters, the selfless Megan David Adom teams, to the dedicated electricity company staff and many more – I salute you all. May you return safely to your loved ones.

Israel is facing a grave challenge. Each one of us is called to duty in our own way. Let’s rise to the occasion, follow directives, and give blood to help our fellow countrymen.

Through the pain and struggles, we’ll stand firm, resilient, and victorious. Israel is not just any country; it is our irreplaceable home.

Arnon Bar David

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