Avital Shapira addressed the 5th ITUC Congress

Nov 20, 2022

Avital Shapira, the International Secretary of the Histadrut, addressed the 5th ITUC Congress today. In her address, Shapira described the struggles and achievements of the last two years of the Histadrut in the fight against Corona, Histadrut efforts to raise awareness and prevent violence against women, and a call for the incoming government to join the Convention for the Prevention of Harassment and Violence in Workplaces. Additionally, Shapira spoke of Histadrut’s concern for disadvantaged populations in Israel, particularly Palestinian workers.

Source: ITUC

Shapira thanked the Confederations of Germany and Sweeden for their uncompromising support for vocational training projects for Palestinian workers in Israeli industry.

Finally, Shapira called on all the federations that are members of the organization to join Histadrut to expand the workers’ knowledge, guarantee the workers’ rights, and advance the path to peace through the workers.

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