Cost of Living


New Framework Agreement Ushers in Brighter Future for Israel’s Public Sector

Groundbreaking agreement addresses disparities in the public and private sectors, set to empower hundreds of thousands of workers.


Histadrut and Government agree to a groundbreaking framework agreement for public service workers

Working with the government for the benefit of government and public service workers


Israelis continued to take to the streets this week to say to the government, “enough!”.

On Monday, in the Cinematheque square in Tel Aviv, with the participation of hundreds of workers, pensioners, and citizens, chanted, “Enough! life is so expensive ...Read more


Histadrut to lawmakers: Free travel from the age of 67!

As pensioners struggle with cost of living crisis, free public transportation can alleviate costs.


Hundreds of Nahariya residents protest the cost of living crisis, “Enough! Everything is so expensive here”

As the campaign continues, Histadrut and residents of Naharia protest the cost of living in Israel.


Bar-David called for an immediate increase in the minimum wage to NIS 6,000, and for rapid progress with the framework agreements in the public sector

At IUGE Conference Bar-David warns the new government and demands workers rights and dignity


Bar-David announces nationwide protests against the cost of living crisis

Starting tomorrow, the Histadrut embarks on a nationwide wave of protests designed to harness the public to act while calling on the incoming government to ...Read more


Histadrut launches nationwide campaign to counter the cost of living

Histadrut proposes steps to counter the cost-of living crisis in Israel


Opinion: The right-wing economic agenda is dead

Keren Ofek - Chairperson of the Partner Workers' Committee


Arnon Bar David to supermarket chains: Don’t increase the price of products

Following increase reports of importers' intent to raise the costs of essential products.


Twenty mandates of the pensioners deserve a positive attitude toward their demands

Election demands from the Histadrut Pensioners Union


Fight against the cost of living continues

Representatives of the Histadrut, social activists, and citizens demonstrated this evening in front of the homes of the president of the Union of Chambers of ...Read more


Histadrut survey: 78% of Israelis do not agree with the food manufacturers that price increases are inevitable

In a special survey by the Histadrut Consumer Authority, 78% of Israelis do not agree with the food manufacturers’ claim that price increases are inevitable. ...Read more


Histadrut Chairman calls for renewed action against the rising cost of living

Steps include continuing the grassroots campaign “Buy smart and fight the tyranny of pricing,” assembling in protest outside the homes of leading figures of the ...Read more


The heads of workers committees: We will not include Diplomat, Shastovitz, and Kimberly Clark products in the holiday gift packages

The meeting was attended, among others, by the heads of the committees of the Aerospace Industry, Electricity Company, Shufersal, Partner, Mega, Clalit Health Services, Teva, ...Read more


Histadrut members distribute informational materials to consumers all over Israel

The activists handed out shirts and reusable bags to consumers to buy food and help them shop smart. The chairman of the Histadrut will convene ...Read more


Histadrut: Leiman Schlussel Ltd. to be included in the national consumer boycott

Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David announced this evening (Sunday) that he is including the products imported and marketed by the Leiman Schlussel Ltd. company on the ...Read more


Histadrut completed preparations for widespread activities tomorrow

Hundreds of workers and members of the Histadrut, activists, people from regional districts, and the Histadrut youth movement will visit shopping centers all over Israel, ...Read more


Histadrut holds demonstration against the “Tyranny of Living”

Dozens of representatives of the Histadrut and activists demonstrated on Friday in front of Noam Weiman’s house in Tel Aviv, demanding to stop the price ...Read more


Next steps to continue the fight to lower the cost of living in Israel

Histadrut decided to hold protests in the coming days at the homes of senior managers in the economy and deploy hundreds of activists in shopping ...Read more


Histadrut calls for a consumer boycott to fight the rise in the cost of living

Histadrut demands concrete steps to fight the rising cost of living in Israel


Chairman of the Histadrut to the Minister of Finance: “My responsibility is to prevent the erosion of workers’ wages as a result of the sharp increase in the cost of living”

Following the increase in the inflation rate in the economy the Chairman of the Histadrut, Arnon Bar-David, called today on Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman to ...Read more