Conference for workers’ committees in local authorities reinforces striking achievements in recent collective agreements.

Adi Marcus
Sep 10, 2023

Last week the Histadrut held a conference for workers’ committees in the local authorities. The conference focused on the two major agreements that were recently signed for public sector employees: the framework agreement and the education support reform. Histadrut representatives aid out in detail the agreements to local authorities’ employees who will benefit from it and who will implement it.

The framework agreement includes wage increases, improved working conditions, and a shorter work week. The education support reform is a comprehensive agreement that improves the salaries and working conditions of education supporters in kindergartens and schools in the local authorities.

Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David said that the framework agreement is the best made for the benefit of public sector employees. He called the education support reform the “heart of my work” and said it is a “difficult, complex, and challenging agreement.”

“The kindergarten teachers’ support agreement is the heart of my work and the culmination of my work for 35 years that I have been working for the workers”

Arnon Bar-David

UCAPSE Chairman, Gil Bar-Tal, said that the two agreements are “significant and unprecedented achievements” that will benefit all workers in the local authorities.

The mayor of Or Yehuda, Liat Shohat, said that the framework agreement and the education support reform are “among the greatest achievements that have been signed in recent years”. She said that they will help to attract quality personnel for the benefit of the citizens of the country.

The conference was attended by the Histadrut leadership, as well as heads of regions and representatives of the local government.

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